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Selfish Parenting

I know that I should not hold others to my own standards, but I cannot help but wonder about other parents when they are easy to pass off their responsibilities or just make decisions which are not in the best interest of their kids. I feel sorry for the kids and for the support system which suffers when parents are selfish.

I feel guilty when I ask anyone to watch my kids so that I can get away for a night. I have never been away from both of my kids at the same time for more than a couple of nights for business. They did not go away for sleepover camps until they were ten years old. I look forward to spending time with them. I do not plan trips to get away from them.

Over the last week, Larry’s mother has had the “privilege” of keeping Alvin so that his mother could jet set on an expensive kid free vacation. She has never hesitated to send him away for weeks at a time to grandparents leaving him for as long as three weeks. While he is away, she rarely, if ever, calls. She plans trips with the rest of her family when he is away.

Larry’s mother typically watches her other grandchildren. She practically raises them as her own. Larry’s sister comes and goes, parading her kids as ornaments. Now, when there is a family emergency and she is needed out of town, she is even considering taking the youngest, an infant, with her out of town as to not inconvenience the mother. Heaven forbid one of the child’s parents step up and take care of the kid for a day or two during a family emergency.

I just don’t get it. I feel bad for Larry’s mom. The poor woman cannot get a break. And I feel bad for the kids. Kids pick up on more than we realize.

We all need a break from time to time. We all need support. But really, there does come a point where you are just a sorry parent. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them in this world. Sure, the kids are taken care of physically, but what are you doing to them emotionally when you are thrusting them into the arms of grandma every chance you get? Only time will tell. I have a feeling that there will be some major issues for a therapist to sort out in the future.


Frolic Remodel/Restoration #1

I know I only posted yesterday introducing the Frolic I have affectionately nicknamed Maybelle but, in reality, we got her a couple of weeks ago. We finally got started with renovations over the weekend and it is looking like more of a project than I anticipated.

So far, we have (or I guess I should say Larry has) painted/sealed the roof. I really wish I had gotten before and after pictures because it looked kind of rough. Lesson learned from the experience: watch where you walk after someone else paints. I have tracked silver roof paint over my patio and into the house onto my wood floors.

The next project I was at least able to start helping with. We are on a mission to reseal everything and we started with the air conditioner. I initially thought it was going to be an easy project, but no. As we removed mounds of caulk we were able to see where the board holding up the air conditioner had started to rot. Upon removing the board, the rest of the boards around our initial find fell apart. Then, I fell apart. I learned a couple of lessons as we worked together.
1. Treated wood was not the norm back in 1968
2. No project is ever as simple as it seems

After a lot of cursing (Larry) and some tears (mine), we were able to slide the air conditioner back in. There is still a little work to be done, but it is looking pretty good! Hopefully, Larry can finish up the flashing this afternoon and we can move onto some other projects.


Introducing: Maybelle

After learning the hard way last year that a vacation home was out of the question, I decided to reevaluate my wants/needs and became fixated on another way to get away and have my own space. I decided I wanted a camper. It is the best of both worlds-a vacation home and it is mobile. I can go anywhere!

Great idea, I know. I am full of those. Ha!

So, for the last few months, I have been diligently scouring the internet looking for a great deal on a camper. I decided that, like with most things, I wanted a vintage model. I have a love for Airstreams. However, I quickly became infatuated with older Scotty and Shasta models.

Little did I know when I started my search that everyone else would have the same idea. It is a cutthroat world when you are looking for a vintage camper these days! However, I did eventually get lucky and I came across a 1968 Frolic on a local Facebook yard sale page. Larry and I went within hours of it being posted and I purchased her the same day.

I decided to name her Maybelle.

Maybelle came home a couple of days after our initial purchase thanks to screwy schedules. She is now resting happily in my driveway waiting for our adventures to begin. First, though, we have some work to do. Maybelle needs some restoration work, some decorating, and I need to learn how to pull a camper. I may also need a new vehicle thanks to my car’s high mileage.

I am going to try to document our progress with the renovations/remodel as we go. Unfortunately, I have not been the best with taking pictures, but I am going to attach a couple of before pictures. Wish us luck!


The End Of The Rainbow

As a single mom, I do the best that I can to provide and give my kids some luxuries, but I can only do so much. We buy used, look for sales, etc.

My oldest has middle school graduation coming up. We found her dress on sale and we were both happy. She intends to wear the dress for Easter as well. She has been wishing and whining for a pair of Rainbow sandals for a while now and I thought it would be a good thing to put into her Easter basket so she could have them for church on Sunday.

I figured that the flip flops would be a few dollars more than I would normally spend on a pair of sandals. I was not expecting a price tag of $53.99. I could not buy them and feel good about the decision. No way. No how.

Generally, I feel like American Eagle is a bit overpriced. However, I thought I would stop in and see what their selection of flip flops looked like on the off chance they had some similar. They really did not, but they had some cute ones for $24.95 and I found a pair that would work with her dress. It was more reasonable and was actually what I figured I would spend initially on the Rainbows, so I picked them up.

I decided to comb through the sale racks before leaving and found a shirt and scarf on mark down with an additional 70% off, so I could not let that by. I picked them up as well.

At the register, I was told that shoes were buy one get one half. Even though we did not need more, I went back and got a second pair of flip flops. She will wear them. I have no doubt.

In all, I got two pairs of shoes, a shirt, and a scarf for $47 and some change. It all still came to less than the Rainbows and I think the American Eagle shoes are much cuter.

Not sure just how disappointed my kid will be with the alternative shoes, but I think I did pretty well!

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