Introducing: Maybelle

After learning the hard way last year that a vacation home was out of the question, I decided to reevaluate my wants/needs and became fixated on another way to get away and have my own space. I decided I wanted a camper. It is the best of both worlds-a vacation home and it is mobile. I can go anywhere!

Great idea, I know. I am full of those. Ha!

So, for the last few months, I have been diligently scouring the internet looking for a great deal on a camper. I decided that, like with most things, I wanted a vintage model. I have a love for Airstreams. However, I quickly became infatuated with older Scotty and Shasta models.

Little did I know when I started my search that everyone else would have the same idea. It is a cutthroat world when you are looking for a vintage camper these days! However, I did eventually get lucky and I came across a 1968 Frolic on a local Facebook yard sale page. Larry and I went within hours of it being posted and I purchased her the same day.

I decided to name her Maybelle.

Maybelle came home a couple of days after our initial purchase thanks to screwy schedules. She is now resting happily in my driveway waiting for our adventures to begin. First, though, we have some work to do. Maybelle needs some restoration work, some decorating, and I need to learn how to pull a camper. I may also need a new vehicle thanks to my car’s high mileage.

I am going to try to document our progress with the renovations/remodel as we go. Unfortunately, I have not been the best with taking pictures, but I am going to attach a couple of before pictures. Wish us luck!


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