Frolic Remodel/Restoration #1

I know I only posted yesterday introducing the Frolic I have affectionately nicknamed Maybelle but, in reality, we got her a couple of weeks ago. We finally got started with renovations over the weekend and it is looking like more of a project than I anticipated.

So far, we have (or I guess I should say Larry has) painted/sealed the roof. I really wish I had gotten before and after pictures because it looked kind of rough. Lesson learned from the experience: watch where you walk after someone else paints. I have tracked silver roof paint over my patio and into the house onto my wood floors.

The next project I was at least able to start helping with. We are on a mission to reseal everything and we started with the air conditioner. I initially thought it was going to be an easy project, but no. As we removed mounds of caulk we were able to see where the board holding up the air conditioner had started to rot. Upon removing the board, the rest of the boards around our initial find fell apart. Then, I fell apart. I learned a couple of lessons as we worked together.
1. Treated wood was not the norm back in 1968
2. No project is ever as simple as it seems

After a lot of cursing (Larry) and some tears (mine), we were able to slide the air conditioner back in. There is still a little work to be done, but it is looking pretty good! Hopefully, Larry can finish up the flashing this afternoon and we can move onto some other projects.


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