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Random Rant

I am seriously irritated and stressed out. So, I am shutting down for a few minutes and writing. I have been seriously neglecting my blog with the craziness that is my life lately. Unfortunately, the crazy is getting to me hence my crappy mood.

Really, life is good for the most part. Kids are doing well. Work is going pretty good. Bills are paid. Summer is flying by.

So, what is driving me crazy? Balance. I am taking one class that is trying to kill me. Originally, I had planned to take two. I am pretty sure if I had that I would already be institutionalized.

I have a huge aversion to school work this semester and have managed to stay behind every week. This week is especially tough. We were out of town last week. I had a test to take. I had a project due. I have multiple discussion posts (because I let them pile up). And, the piece d’ resistance, it is time to take a midterm.

Of course, it is! Because telling me Wednesday that I have a week to take a test is great! Especially when I work full time and have a life which has me doing something every night for the remainder of the week! So, tomorrow is the only day I can take it and I am two weeks behind. I have been cramming since 5:45 and it is now midnight. My brain is fried.
Pray for me.


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