Morning Drama

This morning, I did something out of the ordinary and left for work early. Shocking! It was not without reason; I had a meeting that I had to prepare for. I was very disappointed when I learned later that my meeting is actually tomorrow.

Apparently, my poor organization caused more inconvenience than just my own. On my way to work, I dropped my kids off at my grandmother’s for the day. She lives in a retirement community that requires a key to enter which my kids usually have, but, in our rush, they forgot. No biggie, they can just call and get buzzed in over the intercom, so I just dropped them at the door and ran.
That was when the morning got interesting….

My grandmother ran to the grocery store figuring there was plenty of time since I am normally late. So the kids rang, but there was no answer. Since I was very early, they rang, and rang, and rang. An older man in the building pulled into the parking lot and watched them for a while before finally coming to the door and letting them in. A bit creepy, but I guess it is better than them continuing to ring the buzzer.

Safe building=unlocked doors. The kids were able to let themselves in and wait until she got there. Apparently, my grandmother got an earful from the kids when she got home because she should have at least left a note. I have to admit, I kind of love that they fussed at her.

I heard the story from my grandmother when I called to check in this afternoon. I didn’t mention it to the kids since we had a bunch of stuff going on this afternoon. Really, though amusing, I didn’t figure it was a big deal.
At bedtime, my teen brought it up. She asked if I had heard and then began to tell her side of the story. Very animatedly, I might add. She convinced herself that my grandmother was dead (awful, I know but for some reason anytime we cannot find her we worry about that). She acted as if they had to wait at least an hour, it might have been thirty minutes. She was very irritated that she did not find my grandmother or a note when they got into the apartment. I asked why she did not call me to say something was wrong; she said they are not allowed to use my grandmother’s phone because her plan charges her ten cents for each call. Seriously? I told her to call me if they were ever in one of those situations again; I can pay a dime.

Crazy as it is, I am really proud of my kids for how they handled the situation. I like that they worried about my grandmother-I think they are very good for each other. Sometimes, those scares make you appreciate what they have. I think it tickled my grandmother that they were worried; she fed the kids an insane amount of ice cream today.


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