Frolic Remodel/Restoration #2

It has been a while since I posted on the progress we are making with Maybelle. Probably because I really did not feel like we were making much. Really, though, I was surprised last night when we finished working on a project and I took a picture and compared the before and after. She is slowly coming along!

After the roof was sealed and the air conditioner put back into place and sealed, we moved on to the front end. The front end was a little scary. The main issue was that the outside panels had pulled apart allowing us to see inside the old girl. And we could see some old yucky wood. On the inside of the same area the leak had damaged the wall.

To get to the boards we needed to replace, we had to remove the inside wall. New boards were added and then Larry was able to slowly ease the panels back into place and reinforce everything. Pretty impressive.

Then, we had to put a new board inside. A curved board. We went with an ugly paneling which is not a big deal since I will have to paint eventually. We measured countless times since it was an odd wall. Once we got the board back inside we were in for a surprise. It was an inch too short on either side. How? We will never know. Rather than starting over, I decided to find a trim that could cover the gap and was able to find a bendy lattice piece that worked at Lowes for next to nothing.

Once the wall was in place, we had to decide what to do with the bunk. While I liked the idea of having the ability to sleep additional people, I decided that the bunk really would not be that functional for us. We took the piece that normally faced out that had a ledge to hold the mattress in place and made it into a shelf and put it back in the place where the bunk would normally go. It is pretty amazing how much it really opened the area up and I do think the shelf will be much more functional for us.

The front end projects have definitely proven to be difficult and taught me that I am not nearly as handy as I ever thought I was. I have become slightly frightened more than once at Larry who I am pretty sure hates me and Maybelle some days. Really, though, I think he has impressed himself with his handy work.

Larry did make sure to mention to me yesterday that my camper will most likely not end up looking like the campers I swoon over online. Really, that is okay. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project and having a camper that meets my individual needs.

Next up, I think we are going to look into getting some professional help. We found as we started poking around that all of my gas lines have been messed with and cut and closed off and who knows what else. The plumbing is kind of in the same boat. Pretty scared of what that mess will cost me. We will rebuild the dining area and such after that is complete since storage tank and heater are underneath the seats normally and lines will need to be run.

In the meantime while I try to prepare myself for the next challenge, I am nesting big time. I found a great picture to put inside and super cute, and cheap, dishes. I am going to have to get crafty soon and make curtains and cushions somehow. I am not great with a needle. I did manage to buy a sewing machine over the weekend-for only $10! Maybe with some luck I can make something cute.

Ultimately, I am hoping to camp in some fashion, with or without gas and water, before the end of camping season. Fingers crossed!



During; tearing up the wall

During; tearing up the wall

After.  New wall and shelf installed.

After. New wall and shelf installed.


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