Keeping Sane in Chaos

Two posts in a night?! What is that Ornery Dame up to?

Life has been off the hook crazy over the last few weeks and our hectic schedule has got me thinking about my own sanity. It is time for me to make a few changes. Some have already been in the works, but others are new, and some are yet to come.

• I need to free my life of unnecessary drama. Some people make me crazy. Really, it is on me for letting them affect me so negatively, but if I remove myself from the situations, it eliminates some of the crazy. Prime example: I deleted Larry’s ex from my Facebook friends list and already feel better. I deleted people that air out a lot of their drama and I hid people that post political crap that drives me crazy.
• I have asked Larry to move out. We are just not able to blend our families successfully and I am miserable because of it. Things will only get worse the longer we wait; especially with Alvin wanting to live with his father.
• It is time to re-evaluate my spending. This girl has got to get back into a budget! First up, my cell phone bill is off the hook-shopping for new providers this weekend.
• Meal plan! It is amazing how much better I feel when I have a plan for what we will have for dinner daily. Preparing warm up breakfasts is an amazing time saver and keeps me from hearing kids complain about nothing to eat. And, finally, I need to keep lots of snacky things on hand for lunches and, well, snacks.
• Make time for studying! This semester, I am taking two classes. So far, I have worked out the following schedule: I get up early during the week to do my virtual gym class. I read on my lunch breaks and sit down to work out math problems after the kids climb in bed.
• Find ways to vent. Last week, I went out to sing karaoke with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Tonight, I went crazy cheering for our football team. Frankly, it was awesome.
• Blog more. This has been on my mind a while. It is time for some changes. It is time for more posts and more of the real me. Confession time: names have previously been changed to protect the innocent. I originally renamed many of the people in my life: my kids, my boyfriend, his kid, and our families. I am kind of over it. I will not be changing everyone; I prefer not to cause drama with Larry and the ex. But my family and my kids will be the real deal. Added bonus for a somewhat full disclosure; I can post more pics and let you all see more of my real life!

Now is a great time for some of the changes that need to take place. This three day weekend will allow me to catch up around the house, shop, organize, and next week will be a better one.


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