Acting Like a Fool

Life gets crazy, so I do not always have time to make myself happy. I take my kicks where I can get them. Most days, that is my commute.

So what do I do? I act like a fool. I blare my music and I sing along. I dance like a fool. I catch up with my mom and grandma on the phone. I may, or may not, talk to myself on occasion. Yeah, I am generally one of those people that doesn’t realize that other people can see me when I am in my vehicle.

My guilty pleasure? I am addicted to Craigslist’s Missed Connections. It amuses me and I have actually found posts for individuals that I know which makes it even better. Thanks to my cell phone, I can look at them whenever I get bored. The other afternoon, I was playing online while at work when I found one for myself.

Black jeep with the redhead inside
Seen you the other morning and would like to talk, made my heart skip a beat 🙂 email me back. Love that commander by the way it’s flashy haha -James ,hope to hear from you

Needless to say, it cracked me up. I am very flattered. I am also a little creeped out. Not really in a bad way, but it is a little unnerving that I was completely oblivious to someone watching me. It is hard to tell what this man saw me doing. Glad he liked what he saw, but I think I may need to cool it a little on my commute.


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