Unwelcome Visitor

I am not a complicated girl. Others might disagree, but I think I am pretty low maintenance. Feed me. Let me sleep. Don’t get in my way. Throw me a compliment now and then. Yeah, I think that is about it. Give me those things, not necessarily in that order, and you will have a happy OrneryDame on your hands.

This morning, I am not a happy OrneryDame.

Really, I probably jinxed myself yesterday afternoon. I was talking to a neighbor and mentioned thinking there was a critter hanging around our backyards at night. My dogs have been acting crazy now and then as if there was something on the other side of the fence. It is not a normal occurrence, so I have not let it bother me too much.

I have been getting into bed at a somewhat reasonable time most nights. Last night, however, I stayed up a little later doing homework. I went ahead and crawled into bed around 11:30 going on midnight. A little later, I woke up to my dogs barking. Initially, I tried to ignore them, but then I thought I heard a noise. Eventually, I got up. I found that in their excitement, they left me a nice puddle to clean (I love swiffering at 3:00 in the morning!) and out the door they went-sorry neighbors!

Once the dogs calmed down, they came back inside. It appeared that I might get a little more sleep. But no, about the time I got settled, they started up again. They continued until who knows when. All I know is that I tossed, turned, and cursed for a good amount of time before finally drifting back off. Once I did finally get to sleep, I found myself deep in a crazy dream that ended an hour after I usually get up.

Eventually, Larry texted me to see if I was up and moving. Larry leaves for work earlier than I do. He said that he found the source of what was driving my dogs crazy when he got up. There was a raccoon on my porch scratching at the door like it wanted to get in, or just drive my dogs crazy.

Now, I love raccoons, from a distance. My back porch is too close for comfort especially when the critter has managed to piss off my dogs and keep me up all night. It is time for a trap. What I will do once we catch the thing is beyond me. There is a good chance that many more nights like last night and they will end up at the SPCA; probably not, but it is a good threat anyways. Especially when I think of them snoozing while I work the day away.

I think an early bedtime is in my future. Perhaps with earplugs.


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