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Manic Monday

It has been a bit since I have blogged. I really just don’t have time for much of anything these days with work, school, kids, and all the other activities that we throw into the mix.

As I said before, I do not have a lot of time for anything these days. My schedule is crazy. I know this and try to prepare accordingly. Today I failed and I am suffering for it.

This morning started off on the wrong foot. I did not pack my food for the day so I rushed around throwing stuff into the bag. I threw our somewhat prepared meal into the crockpot without any seasoning because I intended to return to it and never went back. Then, I realized how late it had become. I had nothing to wear and had to iron pants. I went to dress and did not have a cami which was needed for the top I planned to wear-I ended up wearing a cami top that had been retired to pajama status because of a huge hole. Then, I could not find my shoes. It was not pretty.

I was late to my class and, despite my working on the speech I had to present all weekend, I bombed. It was not pretty. The teacher told me that I have to represent the same speech on Friday. Normally, I would be thankful for the chance to do better. But really, this time, I would like to take my grade and be happy. I guess he knows I could do better; I can. I just don’t care to. I have another speech to work on and a test in my other class. Not to mention a third class starting in two weeks. What the hell have I done to myself?!

Honestly, work has not been terrible so far. I had stressed myself out about something I screwed up last week, but took care of the issue with no problem. My meeting with the boss went okay. I started to think I was calming down and might survive the day.

That was a fleeting thought; my phone wrung. My sister called me in a tizzy. She quit her job and was flipping out. I calmed her down best I could and returned to my desk.

Then, I started getting texts from the teen. She got her first ever detention and was pissed. Apparently, she had her phone out in class. The teacher took it for the entire class (OMG) and gave her detention. She feels she was punished twice in his doing so. Not really sure what she wanted me to do about it, but she can suck it up.

I was really hoping after last week that this would be a much calmer week. Five hours into this day, I am losing that hope.


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