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Resolution Update-A Progress Report

So it has not been quite three months since I made my resolutions. But I figured it was time for an update. It is a mixed bag of results so far.

Really, my life revolves around a few things these days: family, work, school, and improving my health. Some weeks have been easier than others. Some, like this last one, have been downright hard. But here is a simple recap of how far I have come and what I still need to work on.

So what were my goals?
*Cut out soda-still working on this. I like my Diet Pepsi! I have been drinking more water and have tried to switch to Advocare Spark for an afternoon pick me up. Maybe, by our next update this will happen.
*Complete a Get Fit Challenge that is being offered at my school-Scrapped this. Great in concept, but not great with my schedule. I was killing myself. I am better off working out at my gym around my schedule.
*Complete a 100 mile/100 day challenge-10 weeks into the challenge and I have three miles to go! Excited to be finishing and moving onto my next goal-C210k.
*Participate in a Color Run-Decided to wait on this. Starting the C210k next week, but that will not give me enough time to properly train. Looking at June for a 5k.
*Lose 50 lbs.-Definitely not there. Down about 10lbs. A good start. Still a work in progress.
*Complete Associates Degree-walk in May!-In progress. 57 days to graduation. Just have to survive my three classes!

There are a few other goals that I need to work on, but they are not nearly as pressing or as important in the big scheme of things. Despite my being completely overwhelmed with life lately, I am pretty proud of how far I have come and I am looking forward to my next update.


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