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Vacation Brain

Twenty days from now, I will be on a boat headed towards the Bahamas.  Not that I am counting or anything.  Who am I kidding?  The cruise is about the only thing I have to look forward to lately, so I am all about it.

Setting sail in February would usually not be my first choice, but the rates were decent and we had family going.  Now that we are in the home stretch I have so much on my mind! So much to do, things to get, errands to run.  Ugh. I am a list maker and brain dumping is therapeutic, so you lucky readers get a blog post out of the deal.  Here are just a few of the things that I need to do, buy, etc before we set sail.

  1. I need a haircut. Sure, not a necessity for the trip itself, but omg it is time. Thinking a good four inches will be coming off-possibly as soon as this weekend.  Debating on highlights and low lights, too.  If I do it all, it will probably not be this weekend, so we will see.
  2. Pick up my bathing suit. I finally ordered a swim suit.  I bought one which I think will be good, but wanted a second because the first has mesh and I am afraid that it won’t last very long.  I do not want to be on a boat without a swimsuit, so I ordered one from Lane Bryant.  It is a bikini.  I know, right?  Who am I?  Hopefully it will fit and my girls will not be traumatized.  Related topic:  the thirteen year old needs a second swimsuit.
  3. I need to get a base tan going. I have tanning with my gym package.  I just need to do it.  For some reason, I have a huge mental block there.
  4. It is past time for a pedicure. Enough said.
  5. Eye doctor. Another not necessity, but it kinda is.  I have been wearing glasses all week because my contacts are irritating the devil out of my eyes.  I want contacts.  Gotta make that happen.
  6. I need to check my old stuff, but I am pretty sure I need to buy a new suitcase. We will see.  Not crazy about the expense.
  7. I am a redhead.  Kid number one: redhead.  I think that says it all.
  8. Reading material. I think we are going to have to go sans electronics.  Not interested in paying for whatever roaming charges we would get.  Purchased Wheat Belly.  Think I will try to read and get ready to diet hardcore when I get back since car show season is right around the corner.  Might need a couple of smutty romance novels.
  9. We are down to two pets-woohoo! Hopefully, weather will cooperate and I can get them to my mom’s the day before we set sail. Gotta make sure they have everything they will need and my mom has instructions.  Fingers crossed that my boy behaves!
  10. I am not buying alcohol on the trip and this is with my ex’s family.  For the most part, I am not worried, but still want something to take the edge off if I need it.

Obviously, packing is not on my list.  I think I have that covered.  What am I forgetting?  Thoughts?




I Am Who I Am-That’s All I’ll Be

Obviously, if you have read any of my tweets or posts, you know I am single and trying to date again.  I own that I am not a great dater.  Really, I have not had a lot of practice which is not necessarily a bad thing…

Over the last few months I have met some interesting people and learned a good bit about myself.  Really, the biggest lesson was something I kind of already knew, but it just took a bit for it to sink in.  That lesson is actually pretty simple and should probably be my new mantra:  I can be too much for some people and those people generally suck.

So maybe that sounds a little harsh.  But really, it is true. I love the cliché saying, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”  That is what I have let happen in the past- my mom told me early into my relationship with Larry that he was not the one because he did not have my ambition. He was a stick in the mud. I quit doing things I enjoyed and did not look towards the future because I did not want to hear his negativity towards my hopes and dreams.

Determined not to let that happen again, I embarked on my dating adventures. Really there has only been a few:

I reconnected with an ex thinking that he was the one that got away. He was not and I was not going to be happy waiting for him to be the person I built him up to be in my mind. He would never be THAT guy. Next, I spent months talking on and off to a guy that was great on paper, but was never into me enough to really give dating a go. As much as I like to think I was not putting things on hold in hopes of him, I kinda was and that is a big no no.

Then, after a few online dating disasters, I met a nice, normal guy! We went out on real dates. He met my kids. Things seemed to be progressing but there was something I could not put my finger on. He told me that he was worried I would get bored which I thought was silly.  Then, we went out with my children.  Honestly, they were on good behavior and we had a good time.  Afterwards, however the guy was even more aloof.  He said that he and his kids did not have fun like we do. The differences were just too much. As nice as he was, he would be another one that would squash my spirit. He realized it before I did and quit calling.  It was an eye opener for me.

One might think that would be enough, but I never give up.  One of my best and worst traits. I started talking to another seemingly nice guy. We are taking it slow which is good since we met online. Our first attempt at a date fell through, my schedule is crazy, and now we are gearing up for a big snowstorm.  On the plus side, it gives us more time to chat.  During tonight’s conversation I was asked about what my warning label would read and I think I was able to articulate myself pretty well…

It would probably include being overly approachable which often leads to awkward conversations, being prone to random outbursts, constantly striving for more and/or better. My warning contains nothing really terrible, but I tend to be the one that keeps things interesting in my circle. I can be too much for some people, but I have learned that those people generally suck.

Dude took it in stride.  Maybe he thinks I am over exaggerating, but he has officially been warned. I guess time will tell.  Regardless, I am going to live my life and be who I am.


The Bucket List

Last year after my break-up, I realized something. I put my life on hold in my last relationship. I did not want to share my aspirations with the guy ( never a good sign). I put things on hold until we were over.  Getting out of the relationship has been empowering. I am living the life I want now, working towards goals, and having a great time.  

I created my Bucket List last year. It is an ever changing list of random things I want to do.  A few things have already been done or are in process (italicized). I try to keep my list attainable and, for the most part, I believe it is. I am always looking for new ideas for things to add, so hit me up if you have anything that you think I should consider!

Bucket List

  1. Tattoo
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Willie Nelson
  4. Learn to play the banjo
  5. Bachelors Degree
  6. Zipline
  7. Parasail
  8. Whitewater rafting
  9. Go on a cruise
  10. Dance on a bar
  11. Attend a black tie event
  12. Pole dance
  13. Wear a bikini
  14. Las Vegas
  15. Have a wedding
  16. Have a wild bachelorette party
  17. Fall in love
  18. Ride a motorcycle
  19. Ride roller coasters
  20. 12 minute mile
  21. Elton John
  22. Boudoir photos
  23. Sister tattoos
  24. Attend a drag show
  25. Visit a strip club
  26. Sleep in a caboose
  27. Ride a mechanical bull
  28. Mexico
  29. Learn to bar tend
  30. Learn to drive a stick shift
  31. ???

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