Good Around The Corner

It is Friday! I made it.  A few moments this week have been touch and go, but 7 hours to go and the weekend is mine!

This week has been quite the mixed lot as far as emotions go.  I had a gut check earlier this week at work which had me stressing.  The girls have both had a lot on their plates with school and extra-curricular activities. We have been some moody witches, not gonna lie.

Funny thing about life though, it really does seem like when things fall apart, they come together.  After some crying, screaming and a lot of reflection, I am feeling pretty good about the direction of things at the moment. I have a lot of good in my life. I think a slight mental breakdown might have been necessary for me to appreciate it.

So here I am working on a Friday thinking about a ridiculous to do list that I have.  This time, next week, I will be on a boat in the Bahamas.  But a lot needs to happen before hand. I cannot wait for vacay even if it will not be exactly the way I had originally envisioned.

After my vacation, I am getting my groove back.  I have let myself slack on diet and exercise, but no more.  Hitting it hard.  So far, I have signed up for two 5ks and we have already had talk of a third. My bestie is on board which should help with the motivation. Pretty stoked.

Spring is performance central. Both kids have concert assessments and spring concerts for school.  We have dance recitals, a play, and multiple events with the orchestra. There might also be a Brantley Gilbert concert in the mix to be followed by a wild night of drunken debauchery….

Pinup season is just around the corner, too.  Last year, I did a few events which was nice, but I feel like if I am going to do it this year it is time to “Go Big or Go Home.” So lookout world.  Pretty stoked about the dresses which were snug last year fitting this year and being able to buy a couple of new ones. Yeah, I am excited for shopping, go figure but a girl has to look good! Currently looking at a parade, two car shows, modeling events, and actually some other events associated with a fashion week.

Life is good.  Lots to look forward to which makes this old girl happy. Now, to conquer the weekend and start the fun stuff!



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