Bad Juju

Valentines Day. Woohoo. Not. Honestly, I could really care less about the day and I am feeling very blessed at the moment. I am a lucky girl and the last week has really reinforced that to me. That being said, I am single and my ridiculous love life still sucks. The last week has been pretty comical with that regard and last night was just the icing on the cake.

Life has gotten busy and with the limited number of decent guys I have been finding, I decided to take a break from looking for a bit. Frankly, I have enough going on that I don’t have a lot of time anyways. So I hid my profile on pof and deleted the Tinder which is crap anyways. I figure at this point, if it is gonna happen, it will happen.

So, as I said, I hid my profile on pof.  Apparently, that does not make you impossible to see because I had a couple of random messages early on in the week and one of the guys actually seemed nice.  He kinda weirded me out a bit, though, when he sent me a friend request on Facebook.  I am not hard to find, but was not expecting it.  Apparently he did not like what he saw because he went silent shortly thereafter and I noticed that he deleted me this morning.

The others on pof were a mixed bag. One could not carry on a conversation. There was one that seemed alright but that went silent when I refused to come see him late at night-sorry dude, not a booty call.  And there was one that I had spoken with before and was not interested in that thought I should go to coffee with him despite my saying multiple times that I am not interested.  POF is about to lose this girl for good, I mean really.

So that was my excitement during the workweek. I was happy to put it all behind me and was super excited for the weekend.  Last night was such a clusterfuck of crazy boys.

First, I was super excited for a night out when one of my good buddies said he would come out to my bar and do karaoke with me.  We always have a good time.  Friends forever. He is always a little quiet and odd, but that adds to his charm, or so I thought.  He was not terribly behaved, but he rubbed my leg a couple of times early on which I honestly thought was not intentional.  Then he asked about where my tattoo was and I said I could not show him since it is on my ribcage and that I would find a picture.  He made a comment about maybe seeing the real thing one day. Um, love you dude, but no.

There are a couple of regulars at the bar that I have had my eye on.  One that flirts quiet regularly and did so throughout the night.  I gave him my number sticking my neck way out there-go Ornery Dame! Dude got very weird afterwards and said that he was not the type I needed to date and things were just awkward.  I played it well, I think and said I thought he was nice and figured it was worth a try. Really not a big deal, but a head shaking experience nonetheless.

The other one that usually catches my eye was all about checking me out last weekend and made a comment about doing so.  Last night he came in with a girl I know which may or may not have been a date, I am not sure.  It was very weird.  Gonna let that one stew a bit.

Then, our buddy Matt made a friend with a guy at another bar and brought him over to hang out with us.  The guy seemed okay.  He was a little younger than I normally go for, but seemed to have a decent head on his shoulders.  We hit if off alright and at the end of the night I told him to look me up.  He invited me back to his place, but I declined.  Not really feeling the one night stands. Kinda doubt he will come back around, but maybe?

In general, the night had me shaking my head wondering wtf. Even today I am really wondering what kind of vibes I am putting out into the universe.  I have to be sporting some bad juju. Let’s recap my recent experiences: I get guys wanting sex, guys that are interested but do not want to actually ever go on a date, and guys that are “unimpressed.” Seriously? Staying single is looking better and better.




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