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Survival of the Fittest LOL

I am one of those weirdos that pretty much lives at the gym. I definitely do not look like it, but I am there way too much.  I try to go every morning and after work as often as I can around my kids schedules. There are not many that I see both times of the day, but there are a few. I consider them kindred spirits though I may never speak to them.

This afternoon I went to the gym right after work. I was on a time crunch because my daughter has dance at 7, so I had pretty much exactly an hour to get what I wanted to do done. Normally, I would arc a mile or two and then walk. In the evenings, it works out well because normally someone I know will be there to chat with me.  Not today, I was all alone and my cool down sucks without someone to talk to.  So rather than be bored and have no one to talk to, I decided to arc the entire hour. Not much to many, but a feat for myself.

I noticed early on in my endeavor that one of my fellow two time a day gym goers was there. We exchanged glances and went on about our business. I am sure as time went on my struggle was obvious.  I ended up doing over three miles where normally I might do one to two and then a cool down.  I turned magenta. I was a sweaty, stinky mess. As I was leaving, we had a very awkward eye contact.  I am pretty sure he knew I was about to die. Normally, it would have weirded me out a bit, but I felt like he knew that I worked hard today and I was proud.


A Sad State of Affairs

For the most part, I try to explain to my kids that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.  However, it is getting harder and harder to have that as my canned answer. People are becoming racist, hateful and hypocritical. When the kids were younger, it was not as visible, but with social media, everyone puts their beliefs on display and that is not always a good thing.  In fact, it makes me sad and has gotten me to the point where I want to start pulling away from these individuals.

Last month at this time, we went on a cruise with some extended family-my children’s father’s family. I do generally claim most of them. My daughter was excited to be participating in a political debate for the Young Democrats at her school. Her uncle called her a “Democrap” and her aunt, one which I would normally hold in high regard, ambushed my child questioning her thoughts and implying that I had somehow brainwashed my child.

Since the cruise, my daughters have been paying more attention to social media posts. It does not help that so much is focused on the presidential race.  Almost daily I get a text or message from one or both of my girls in awe of something a family member had shared or commented on. Today’s conversation was disheartening. The individual that had posted and gotten into an argument with another family member is a grandma figure for my girls. Recent posts and conversations have led us all to realize that she is a racist. She is full of hate and judgement.  Yet, she claims to be a Christian. She was arguing with another family member over a political candidate and was highly irate when asked if Jesus would vote for the candidate she endorsed.

My daughter shared a few thoughts with me while ranting in the car that I felt were pretty spot on:

  1. You cannot use the “N” word and be a real Christian. The Bible says “Love one another” (John 13:34).  It does not specify a skin color.
  2. A leader that mocks people with disabilities is not a good representation for our country and for you to support that person puts you at the same level.
  3. The same people that look down their nose at a woman for abortion want to take away state assistance that can help that mother that choses to have her baby. Really?
  4. Most of the vocal people that irritate us the most are hypocrites. You want to fuss about getting assistance, but you are on food stamps? How does that work? Why are you entitled, but someone else is not? Oh, wait. It is their skin color again. Smh

Honestly, I am sure there were more great points, but it is a Monday and I am writing this hours later.

It is a real shame, but I am fairly certain that even if I do not intentionally cut ties, my kids will be hesitant to have much to do with their family moving forward. Luckily, I know that their doing so is based on their own beliefs and not because of some “brainwashing” by their liberal mama.  It is because my children have sense to treat people with respect regardless of the color of their skin or their capacities.  They value their own rights and understand the importance of helping those in need.

I have a hard time hating anyone.  I am sad at the state that the country has everyone in. I am not a holy roller by any means, but feel like about the only thing we can do at this point is pray. I am praying for the hate filled people out there, our leaders, and that something will come and there will be an intervention of some sort before our political nightmares come true.  Will also keep my fingers and toes crossed, better to be safe than sorry.