Older and Wiser

I am a people person. Always have been. Always will be. My grandmother told me when I was little I would run up to strangers on the playground and ask them to be my friend. I would be heartbroken if I was turned down.

Fast forward thirty plus years. I am still human and care a bit. I used to be so worried about being liked and/or loved-this is probably a good part of the reason for my track record with losers. The great thing about getting older is you get, if you are lucky, wiser in the process. I got lucky and figured out a few things.

After taking a hard look at my life over the last few months, I have come to the point that I am not forcing things. If you like me, awesome. If not, well, I cannot help your poor taste. I have quit the dating sites; I don’t really have time to fool with the mess that brings into my life and figure that a relationship will happen when it is supposed to. I am really over sweating it. I don’t really care if my coworkers like me enough to invite me to outings. And I figure that friends will make time for me if I am important. If their life is crazy, so be it. I am here when they have time.

I have great people in my life that love me and I love them. Rather than worrying about others that may come and go, I am going to focus on the great people I have and enjoy my life. Putting things into perspective has really helped me to be happier with what I have. I am a very lucky girl.


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