Keeping Some Sanity

Time management is something that I struggle with. I like to do it all. Everything. I struggle to say no and consistently over extend myself. What can I say? I am a single mom, the oldest child, and a Capricorn. It is in my genes.

All that being said, I do get overwhelmed. Generally, I manage. Honestly, I do pretty well. But, every few months, I struggle.  Usually because of school deadlines and random things that get thrown into the mix. I have managed to find a few quick ways to get some extra stuff done and figured I would share because it helps me to feel like I have my act together-at least a little bit.

  1. I have enlisted help. Crazy, I know. But I figured out that my kids are actually pretty good at making dinner. I plan a menu, defrost, sit out what I can, and the kids do the rest. It keeps me from eating out which means we are eating healthier and saving money.
  2. Wireless hot spot. I did not realize I had this feature on my plan until recently and it is AWESOME. I take my laptop everywhere now. If I am waiting on a kid in dance class, I can better use the time and get stuff done for school.
  3. I have used them a good bit over the last year. But free wifi and generally clean table tops rock. It is even better when there are no creepers in the restaurant. I was not so lucky today, but whatever. I was able to knock out a discussion post on my lunch break.
  4. I plan my days. I know it sounds simple, but I left this morning looking like a bag lady. I had a lunch bag, my computer bag, my book bag, work bag, and gym bag. I think I am ready for whatever gets thrown my way. Nothing screws me up like forgetting something and having to backtrack.
  5. I make time to decompress. For the most part, I plan some me time into each day. I look forward to the gym. Luckily, my kids do not so it is a kid free hour for me! I am either alone or with a friend, but my friends are okay with my tuning them out for 20, 40, or even a full hour and just getting whatever is on me out on a machine. I never thought I would be one of those girls, but it works.

So, nothing earth shattering, but a few simple things that make all the difference between my staying on the outside or ending up in a padded room. This week, I am using all the above listed methods (it is midterm week). So far, so good. Knock on wood.


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