Throwing Another Fish Back

Boredom struck again. I got back on Plenty of Fish for a few days over the last couple of weeks. As usual, I have attracted a mixed bag of crazies.

This go around, however, I thought I met someone interesting. My age. Teenage son. Cop. Not bad looking. Conversation slow, but eventually starting picking up.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a nosy person. It comes with the territory. I research quite a bit in my career. So, I did a little digging and found the guys Facebook.

He was married. MARRIED.

Now, in his defense, it does not say on his Facebook profile that he is, but he posted a pic of the girl in her wedding dress with two older women that I am assuming are his and her mothers for Mother’s Day which was literally three days ago.

Seeing this, I asked, “You are single, right?”

His response, “Of course.”

Seriously? I have my doubts.

He could have said they were going through a rough patch or that he was, indeed, married and I would have had more respect for the guy. Not saying I would have been interested, because I would not.

That is one fish that is getting thrown back.


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