Welcome to Paradise

Another round of classes will be complete as of midnight tomorrow. Less than 48 hours. I have a shit ton to do before midnight tomorrow.

So here we are on May 12. I have a kid taking an AP exam and one taking an SOL. One has a leadership clinic after school this evening and again tomorrow. The other kid has a project due Monday which is totally stressing her out causing her to irritate the devil out of me.

I have work (of course) and, then, a Pilates class. In hindsight, I totally should have waited a month to start the class, but it is paid for and I need to go. I need to do something physical to help shake off some of the crazy. I have three more discussion posts to write, a quiz and two exams to take. Pretty sure I have laundry that was started yesterday still sitting in the washing machine and a sink full of dishes waiting on me at home. Oh, and the stuff I bought to work on my yard last weekend is still in the back of my Jeep. Go me!

The next couple of days is bad enough, but really the rest of the month is just as bad, if not worse. We have a trip out of town this weekend which is short because of the teenager playing in the baccalaureate ceremony for graduating seniors on Sunday. Next week, we have regular dance classes with added rehearsals because we have recitals next weekend. The teenager also has leadership clinics for band. We have a band banquet, a middle school graduation, and my summer classes start on Monday. Woohoo!

Normally, I think December is bad and I am reminded of the old country song, “If we make it through December.” Starting to think that May is way worse. May needs a theme song (Green Day is totally stuck in my head) and I need a shot, or ten. And maybe a nap.


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