Everything Happens for a Reason

I like to believe that everything happens for a reason. Sure, some things happen because you are just dumb. Well, in my case a lot of things happen because I am dumb, but still…everything happens for a reason.

The last few weeks have really made me wonder about that idea. It is a nice thought. Maybe dating the coke head was supposed to happen. Perhaps hearing my story will make him think and change his ways. Maybe. Not holding my breath in the meantime, though.

In keeping with the “everything happens for a reason” bit, I had some very odd things happen since my dating drama. It all started because, as usual, I reactivated my POF account in a moment of drunken weakness-I drank away my sorrows following the bad night where I realized the guy I was seeing was a coke head. I vaguely remember doing so, but honestly thought I hid it again moments later. Apparently, I did not.

The next morning, I had my usual mix of crazies wanting to talk and, in the mix, was a familiar face. A few months ago I turned down the opportunity to go home with a pretty good looking guy at the bar and hadn’t seen him since. I was actually disappointed for a while that we did not run into each other again and he did not look me up; I thought he was pretty cool. Anyways, dude found me! Apparently he was “impressed” by me the night we met (perhaps because I kept my pants on?) and wants to get together sometime soon.

Really, that sounds way better than it really is. I am not going to romanticize the situation. He still wants in my pants. This time, I am a bit more okay with it. I am by no means a saint, but I generally am a good girl. The idea of it all is pretty intriguing to me. Does not hurt that I find him pretty damn attractive.

For now, I just wait and see what happens next. The optimist in me is pretty excited and is hoping for more, but the realist in me is okay with whatever. Regardless, it is flattering and a nice distraction from obsessing over what the heck I am doing wrong in my life that gives off a vibe attracting coke heads. So, fingers crossed that this does not end up being another train wreck!  Screenshot_2016-06-20-23-48-19-1


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