Dating Chronicles-No Fireworks

In all of my chaos over the last couple of weeks, I really hadn’t given much thought to one of the guys that had been talking to me. Eric that I went out with once last summer resurfaced again a few weeks ago. Not that resurfacing means much since he is the most unresponsive person ever.

We hit it off okay last year but I got frustrated when he quit responding to texts. He was never great at responding, but we had plans that I thought were cancelled since he disappeared. When he finally resurfaced, I had made other plans and wrote him off.

Dude has resurfaced a couple of times on POF. The first time not remembering me and then again a few weeks ago with a lame line about seeing something that made him think of me. I guess I was in a good mood because I actually tried to carry on a conversation with the guy. He had my number and has sent a few text messages over the last few weeks. It is lame. Lamer than lame. I hate small talk. Especially when you aren’t going to respond for hours or even days after starting a conversation.

Last Sunday, Eric decided to text me and was actually pretty responsive all day. I was home doing yard work and he was in my part of town. He asked if he could bring me anything which was a nice gesture, but no. Hadn’t seen him in a year and I was a hot and sweaty mess. Not to mention my kids were home. Just weird.

Eric texted a couple of times over the last week but nothing earth shattering. I sent him a message Thursday or Friday because I was going to be in his part of town for an event that I thought he would be at. He never responded until this morning when he asked about the event and what I was doing today.

Today, I was volunteering at a fireworks stand for my kids’ high school band program which I told him. Later, once I was there, he asked where we were which I thought was odd, but whatever.

Then he showed up. Really, not a big deal initially. I would have preferred him ask since my daughter was there and I generally do not introduce people to my kids. We chit chatted a bit, but I had nothing really to talk about.

He stayed for two hours. Two long, awkward hours. My daughter was getting more and more obnoxious because she wanted him to go. I could not spite her for it. She was not rude and really was not much worse than usual. The other mom didn’t know what to think; pretty sure she knew something was not right, but what do you do?

There were no fireworks purchased or felt this afternoon.

It was nice of the guy to show some interest and come see me. He has had over a year to take some interest. He has never asked me out or tried to even carry on a conversation for any length of time. To just show up was odd to me.

Eric is a nice guy and it was good to see him, but definitely not right for me. Seeing him again today just confirms it. Hopefully, he will disappear again and save me from having to have an awkward conversation. I guess time will tell.


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