3 Simple Words

I do not come from a very physically affectionate family. Hugs and kisses happened, but not like crazy. Now, there are times that I would not mind a hug, a kiss, or someone to tell me things are going to be okay. Being a grown up can be tough some days. But as such, I have come to appreciate what I have even more and I notice a lot more than I would otherwise.

I do have my own children that get hugs and kisses. They are teenagers now, so it is not as frequent, but they do not mind being all up on me and in my business. There is no lack of contact in my household-sometimes it is clawing, kicking, punching, licking, and whatnot, but there is definitely contact. Luckily, shortly after the negative, they will be doing each other’s hair or makeup, or be curled up in front of the tv laughing at a show together. They may hate me from time to time and each other even more often, but I know that they love me and, deep down, each other.

I have spent more time with my parents over the last few weeks. My dad is kind of old school, so there is not a lot of warm and fuzzies, hugs and kisses, etc. But he does show me that he is thinking about me, and my kids, through little random gifts and he always tells me that he loves me before I leave or we hang up the phone. I guess I appreciate that more since I know what it is like to not tell someone and they pass. Not totally sure that is not why he does it as well, but I love it regardless.

My sister and I have had a strained relationship over the last couple of months and I think we are finally on the mend. She told me she loved me at the end of our conversation last night. Made my night.

My brother said it at the end of our conversation yesterday, too.

I guess it might be a little silly and I might be PMSing. But I really do appreciate those three little words. Sometimes, they are the best thing that happens to me all day. Tell someone special how you feel today, it might make all the difference.


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