Summertime Woahs

Tomorrow is July 15 and I am so ready for this month to be over already. Frankly, I am done with summer. I want my kids back in school and routine to be restored to my crazy little world.

I realize I am very lucky. Do not get me wrong. But I am tired. So stinking tired. Some of it is my own fault. I can accept that, but a lot of it is the kids. Most of it is them.

First, both of my kids acted like they had to do summer school. They really didn’t need to. I could see where both would benefit and let them. It was not my best idea ever. The oldest has totally screwed around and has done little to no work and it is all due next week. The younger has done okay, but with other obligations and such has not been able to complete tasks required for her class.

The other obligations? Camps. Again, I could say no, but they are actually valuable to the kid. Well, the first one was. The second has been a bit of a disappointment, but live and learn. This week’s camp was from 2-5 Monday to Wednesday. Great hours for a working, single parent, right? Ugh.

We also had dental appointments this week. Initially, it was only to be one, but we had a snafu with scheduling so both of them got to go this week. Separately, of course, because doing them around the same time on the same day is just too much to ask (I did ask). This week we were finally confronted with something I had long expected to hear, too. We got referred to an orthodontist. Yes! Because I have thousands of dollars to put towards the kid that did not realize I had thrown her toothbrush away’s teeth. Seriously. So we have a consult scheduled for the week after next.

Now, not everything is negative this month, we do have a great camping trip scheduled for next weekend and I have been trying my damndest to plan something fun this weekend. The girls are making plans with friends and, up until last week, I had a somewhat interesting social life of my own.

I am just looking forward to the return of regular sleep schedules, a normal daytime routine, and extracurricular activities. I need order and routine. This floundering around on little sleep doing who knows what next is exhausting.


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