Dating Chronicles-The Moving Van

The last month has been a bit insane; luckily, most of it has not been my own drama, but my best friend’s. I have just tried to be supportive and helpful which I how I ended up with a moving van.

Long story short, my friend needed out of her apartment fast and thought she had an apartment to move into in a few days. Being essentially homeless, she needed a place to park her moving van. My driveway is empty and close to where the apartment she wanted is. We parked it for a couple of days.

I thought I would hear from someone about the van since I live on a very busy street and my circles all seem to migrate around this part of town. I was, however, surprised when the only one that contacted me was a blast from the past.

Really, I could have fallen out of my chair when I got the text, “U moving?” It was from an ex that I dated on and off for years. YEARS. He was in the picture when my ex died and on and off after that point for a few years. He was married, would leave, and go back. I was there on the sidelines waiting. I thought I was in love. I would have married him in a heartbeat. I finally realized that I wanted more and he was just not there. Last year, when I got out of my last disastrous relationship, I looked him up. We talked a bit, but he was still married; I moved on.

Things seemed different this time. A real separation. A new house. Clear lines that progress was made on his end. We met up and it was like old times. I got hopeful.

Hope is a dangerous thing. It almost always leads to disappointment. That is where I am at the moment. We were supposed to meet up Thursday, it did not work out. Friday, it did not work out. I had zero returned texts over the weekend-I texted twice, not a stalker. Then, Monday, he resurfaced and we made plans again which he cancelled.

So, the moving van got me laid, hopeful, and left me disappointed. I won’t reach out to him again. Not sure where he is at this point, but it obviously not nearly where I need him to be.

The moving van is gone now. So is the guy. Me? I am here wondering what the next disaster will look like.


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