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A Quick Ornery Update

Two weeks have passed since my last blog; not a lot has been happening in my world. I started talking to the guy I have seen on again and off again over the years. Maybe I am a bit insane to fool with it since they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, but I have this crazy little part of me that needs to ride it out and see what happens. He has been a good distraction. I like the idea of us. Always have, hence the one again off again for years.

In keeping with the “What random guys have entered my world” topic, I was highly amused last weekend when a guy slipped me his number at the end of the night. I later found out he was 26. I feel like age should only be a number, but I am really struggling with the idea of seeing someone that much younger. Granted, he is not the 22 year old that asked me to come over earlier this week, but still, the age difference is an issue. Funny how I do not mind a guy ten years older, but one ten years younger is a hang up. Regardless, dude has asked me out twice now and I have declined because of my crazy life. I need to either say yes and give it a try or cut the dude loose. Time is ticking (at least in my own head).

Otherwise, life is okay. I am totally overwhelmed with school. There is only two more weeks this round of classes which is awesome, but these classes are killing me with papers. I feel like I am barely staying afloat with their workloads. I have officially registered for spring classes and get to apply for graduation in January!

Football/marching band season continues. Tonight’s game is looking soggy-stupid Matthew. I may sit it out. Kind of hoping that tomorrow’s competition gets cancelled so I can focus on school and housework for the day.

My best friend found a new home! We get to move her on Sunday. Hoping with her getting reestablished that we can get some routine going. I need a gym buddy again.

My oldest turns 17 next week. The festivities are apparently going to be all week long. I am feeling very old and poor. Homegirl has expensive tastes.

Well, that is a quick Ornery update. Hopefully, there is something good on the horizon. Fingers crossed!


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