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Things Nana Says

I used to love following the Facebook page “Shit my Dad Says” and I often post stupid things my kids say on my own. But really, I love the crap my grandmother tells my teenage daughters. I would share them on Facebook, but family members would tell her and I want to keep her happy.

My grandmother is fabulous. She has helped me raise the girls from day one and has easily been their second parent. As the girls have gotten older and more vocal with their own opinions, so has she. It is kind of hilarious for me and is, at times, infuriating for my kids. I realized a while back that my grandmother is partially doing things just to instigate and she has since admitted this to me. Regardless, it is funny to sit back and get the texts from my kids.

Below are today’s messages I have received from the 14 year old…

  • Nana- you can get me a coffee cup filled with-
  • Me- candy?
  • Nana-money
  • Nana(telling me about bra shopping)- I got two bras for 7 dollars! So don’t get me bras for Christmas

Do you have a grandma or other family member that tells you funny stuff? I think after a certain age you just don’t care anymore. I am looking forward to being that many years old….


Making Changes

When we started this year, we (my friends, family, and I) were coming out of a ridiculous 2015. I felt like I was in a good place for the most part and those of us that were not had a lot of hope for the following year. That being the case, we (my best friend and I) coined the year with the catch phrase, “onward and upward.”

We had good intentions. We gave it our best effort.

Honestly, for the most part, I cannot complain. I am still pretty darn lucky. I have a job, a car, a roof over my head. I have friends and family that I like to believe love me. 2016 has not been anything to brag about, but like I already said, I cannot complain.

Despite all my blessings, I have felt very blah over the last few months. Since August, I have fought illness and tried to manage to keep everything in life going full speed ahead. It has caught up with me. Throw in the added unnecessary bullshit that has come with the election and I am just tired. Tired of everyone and everything that is negative and unnecessary.

Over the last week or so, I have started to make a few changes and so far, like staying in last night (and all week actually) instead of going out to the bar. Today, I went into work for a couple of hours to prepare for the week. I folded all of the laundry and did a few things around the house that I would normally do during the week. Really, nothing I have done is mind-blowing, but I feel so much more at peace tonight after disconnecting myself a bit and taking care of business. I think some of these things are going to become my new normal. Hopefully, the changes will help next year to be better than ever.


Words Hurt

Sunday afternoon, my younger daughter was invited to go to the local trampoline park with a friend. The girls have been friends for a long time and I was glad to have them hang out as I really do like this particular friend.

Up until this point, I have only had the opportunity to deal with the girl’s father as her parents are divorced. This outing was to be under the mother’s watch. Before leaving, my daughter said that she had been warned by her friend not to discuss politics and that her friend had told her mother not to bring the subject up. I thought it was a little odd, but let it go. As always, I made sure my daughter had sufficient funds for the outing and left to run some errands.

When I returned home, my daughter was still there. The woman was almost an hour late picking her up.

A couple of hours later, my daughter returned. She adamantly stated that she would never do anything with the woman again. Upon some probing I was able to get a few issues out of her:

The woman did not have change and wanted to purchase a locker. My daughter paid for the locker and upon putting her own belongings in the locker, the woman snarled her face.

After they played for some time, the trio wanted drinks. My daughter’s friend said they would just buy the drink since she paid for the locker. Instead of doing so, the mother pulled the daughter aside, but not out of hearing distance and said she would NOT buy my daughter a drink. My daughter had to go back to the locker room and retrieve her own money. She purchased herself a big blue slurpee and made her daughter get water.

Then, the woman started talking politics. My daughter tried to politely change the subject and the woman pressed the issue. Apparently, she really pressed the issue and my daughter finally had to say she did not want to talk about it. To change the topic, the woman started talking about how great her job was and how much money she made.

On the way back to my house, they stopped and grabbed dinner-the mother and daughter did. They did not ask my daughter if she wanted anything which was a little rude but whatever. She proceeded to tell her daughter that she had to get a salad even though it was her “cheat day” because she did not want her getting any fatter. The mom got a burger with an extra patty and sides.

My daughter was completely floored as she told me about everything that happened. Not only was she appalled at the way she was treated by an adult but she was more upset over the way the woman treated her own daughter making issue about her weight and such.

The next day at school, the girl apologized for her mother’s behavior and repaid my daughter out of her own money which was totally not necessary. She said she was sorry if her mother insulted her and my daughter was taken back because while she had been rude, it was not insulting. With that being the case, my daughter asked what she meant and the girl said she was talking about the comments that the woman made about our house.  I guess it was not up to her standards because I need to trim the hedges and I have a board that needs replaced on the porch.

There is just so much wrong with the situation that it makes my blood boil. First, don’t be ugly to my kid. I am not entirely sure why there was a chip on the woman’s shoulder from the get go, but you don’t treat kids like that period. Second, I don’t care how big your kid is, you do not shame them. You definitely do not shame them in front of their peers. Frankly, maybe if you were seriously worried about your kid’s size you would skip the fast food period, but whatever. Acting like that is what leads girls to sneak food and then purge later. It damages their spirit.

While I probably should not be as offended as I am over the woman’s comments and actions, I am pissed. As I said before, I have never met this woman. For the years I have known her daughter, I have never laid eyes on her at a school function. She has never been in the car pool lane in front of or behind me. I do not know what their situation is, but I do know that she is not there. I guess taking her kid to do fun stuff and bragging about money is her way of making herself feel better.

My house might not be the nicest on my block, but it is mine just like everything else that we have. I am the ONLY parent my girls have and it has been that way for ten years now. Things like replacing that board on the front porch gets put on the back burner so that I can pay for field trips or name brand shoes for my kids to fit in with the rest. Yeah, my hedges need trimmed, but put that off. Instead, I decided to take my last free weekend to take my girls camping because we had been going nonstop since July with marching band. Yeah, I am that involved parent at EVERY event, or as close to it as I can manage while working full time building my career, not just a job, and going to school full time to better myself. I do not have the luxury of being that fair weather, fun parent but I try to let my kids have a normal childhood and you can bet that if I am inviting someone else’s kid somewhere that I am going to ask if they want a drink or need something to eat when I order for myself and my own kids. Regardless of how much or how little money I have, I will treat everyone that is in my presence the same. I am the ONLY parent my girls have and it has been that way for ten years now. Things like replacing that board get put on the back burner so that I can pay for field trips or name brand shoes for my kids to fit in with the rest. I cannot always give them everything, but I try to give them some of the things they want.

I am tired. I am overwhelmed. I seem to stay that way, but I do it because I want more for my kids. To hear such crappy things hurts because I do try hard.

People really need to think before they speak.


Dating Chronicles:Staying Under the Radar

I have been trying to fly a little more under the radar lately. Honestly, I need to put myself under a self-inflicted house arrest until semester ends, but I am just not good without some socialization. That being said, my life has been somewhat entertaining.

The on again off again man is just that. It does not appear that things are going to move in the right direction any time soon. Honestly, I am okay with it given my other stuff. But, some progress would be nice. He disappeared for a bit and idle time is not my friend. During his absence, I made two new friends. I have not met either, but I am supposed to meet one that seems okay this week for lunch. If the on again off again ever decides to give it 100%, I will too. In the meantime, I want more and feel like I am doing myself a disservice possibly waiting for something that may never happen.

So the two that I am speaking with are interesting. One I am pretty sure desires only to be a fuckboy and I am not interested. The other seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Nice guys generally end up scaring me. Hey, I own my issues. Will see how it plays out. I am playing it safe. Plus side, I only have so much to give at the moment time wise and dude lives almost an hour away.

Gonna let things play out. If the two newest do not work out, I am done trying for a bit. I will make it through the remainder of the year without any new additions to the mix. Have decided to just let things play out with the on again off again as well. In the meantime, I still have stupid stuff popping up to entertain me. Here are a couple of the latest funnies:

  • I was deleted on Facebook by the guy that went crazy around last Christmas. We had dated a bit and then he got in a crazy funk, found solace in a bottle, and shortly after started seeing someone. He broke up with her, posted crazy stuff, and then deleted me. It was kinda like passing a car accident, I had to see what was up and checked his page the other day-he had married the crazy girl he talked trash about before deleting me. People never cease to amaze me.
  • The other crazy that I previously dated, the coke snorter, resurfaced last night sending me a Facebook message at 1am. Apparently he drove by my house and tooted his horn? I live on a busy street, I do not pay attention to that mess. I told him that I did not hear and he tried to start a conversation. He called me “babe.” Ugh. He is a nice enough guy, but no.

And with that, I should probably refocus my efforts for the day and get some work done. I will try to update later this week after the lunch date. Fingers crossed that he is not a major creeper!

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