Dating Chronicles:Staying Under the Radar

I have been trying to fly a little more under the radar lately. Honestly, I need to put myself under a self-inflicted house arrest until semester ends, but I am just not good without some socialization. That being said, my life has been somewhat entertaining.

The on again off again man is just that. It does not appear that things are going to move in the right direction any time soon. Honestly, I am okay with it given my other stuff. But, some progress would be nice. He disappeared for a bit and idle time is not my friend. During his absence, I made two new friends. I have not met either, but I am supposed to meet one that seems okay this week for lunch. If the on again off again ever decides to give it 100%, I will too. In the meantime, I want more and feel like I am doing myself a disservice possibly waiting for something that may never happen.

So the two that I am speaking with are interesting. One I am pretty sure desires only to be a fuckboy and I am not interested. The other seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Nice guys generally end up scaring me. Hey, I own my issues. Will see how it plays out. I am playing it safe. Plus side, I only have so much to give at the moment time wise and dude lives almost an hour away.

Gonna let things play out. If the two newest do not work out, I am done trying for a bit. I will make it through the remainder of the year without any new additions to the mix. Have decided to just let things play out with the on again off again as well. In the meantime, I still have stupid stuff popping up to entertain me. Here are a couple of the latest funnies:

  • I was deleted on Facebook by the guy that went crazy around last Christmas. We had dated a bit and then he got in a crazy funk, found solace in a bottle, and shortly after started seeing someone. He broke up with her, posted crazy stuff, and then deleted me. It was kinda like passing a car accident, I had to see what was up and checked his page the other day-he had married the crazy girl he talked trash about before deleting me. People never cease to amaze me.
  • The other crazy that I previously dated, the coke snorter, resurfaced last night sending me a Facebook message at 1am. Apparently he drove by my house and tooted his horn? I live on a busy street, I do not pay attention to that mess. I told him that I did not hear and he tried to start a conversation. He called me “babe.” Ugh. He is a nice enough guy, but no.

And with that, I should probably refocus my efforts for the day and get some work done. I will try to update later this week after the lunch date. Fingers crossed that he is not a major creeper!


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