Making Changes

When we started this year, we (my friends, family, and I) were coming out of a ridiculous 2015. I felt like I was in a good place for the most part and those of us that were not had a lot of hope for the following year. That being the case, we (my best friend and I) coined the year with the catch phrase, “onward and upward.”

We had good intentions. We gave it our best effort.

Honestly, for the most part, I cannot complain. I am still pretty darn lucky. I have a job, a car, a roof over my head. I have friends and family that I like to believe love me. 2016 has not been anything to brag about, but like I already said, I cannot complain.

Despite all my blessings, I have felt very blah over the last few months. Since August, I have fought illness and tried to manage to keep everything in life going full speed ahead. It has caught up with me. Throw in the added unnecessary bullshit that has come with the election and I am just tired. Tired of everyone and everything that is negative and unnecessary.

Over the last week or so, I have started to make a few changes and so far, like staying in last night (and all week actually) instead of going out to the bar. Today, I went into work for a couple of hours to prepare for the week. I folded all of the laundry and did a few things around the house that I would normally do during the week. Really, nothing I have done is mind-blowing, but I feel so much more at peace tonight after disconnecting myself a bit and taking care of business. I think some of these things are going to become my new normal. Hopefully, the changes will help next year to be better than ever.


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