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The Brink of Insanity

I was contacted not too long ago by a guy that I previously dated. At the time, he was married and going through a separation, we started talking and life got in the way. He has had to stay in the marriage a bit longer than expected which is fine. I was his friend first and will remain so regardless of whatever happens; if down the road we can ever get on the same page, fine.

All of that being said, the guy and I speak periodically. Regardless of how innocent our conversations are, his wife would never be happy to know that her husband was talking to another girl-especially one that he has a past with. It is what it is.

Saturday, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The girls and I were headed out of town, my house was a disaster, I was exhausted from a crazy week, my dog sitter was not able to come as she previously indicated. It was one thing after another.

As we were loading the car, I noticed that there was a card in our mailbox. It had been overlooked the previous day when we took in the mail. It was addressed to the household with no return address. I opened it inside and my stomach instantly tied in knots.

“Hope you and the girls have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love…” It was his name and hers.

Needless to say I was shocked. I instantly took the card into the other room and snapped a photo to send to my friend asking him what the hell?

Through very sporadic texts throughout the day he said that he did not think it was from her. I grew more and more paranoid and irritated. I do not do drama and whoever sent the card, as far as I was concerned, knew me, knew my kids, and knew where I lived.

The entire issue was weighing on my mind come bedtime. My paranoia had increased to the point that I was wondering what might come next, if anything. I decided to tell my daughter about everything in case any more mail came addressed to the household without a return address.

I tell my daughter the story and about what the card said mentioning the names of my friend and his wife. My daughter, responds, “Isn’t that the name of WB’s cousin and his wife?”

In all of my crazy paranoia and over reacting, I failed to think about the fact that I do have a couple with the same names that I see socially from time to time.

Needless to say, I was amused and a bit relieved. My daughter thought I was crazy. I can only imagine what was going through my poor friend’s mind. I did let him know that it was someone I knew and I was having a crazy moment, but we have not actually spoken since the ordeal. Honestly, this experience is a great reminder of why I do not do drama and should not associate with married people. Probably gonna take a few steps back until he is ready to make some needed changes.


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