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Dating Chronicles: Embargo Update

Honestly, I figured with my online dating embargo I would be utterly bored. However, I had hoped that life would help me not be…I am back in school, have friends that are happy to keep me occupied, and the girls are busy. It is not enough. All that being said, I still get bored.

I reached back out to Mr. On Again Off Again and we saw each other a few times over the last couple of weeks. It was okay, but left me unsatisfied in the end. I know it is going nowhere, so why bother? Why? Again, I was bored. Ugh.

All along the way, I have had a couple of random guys that have chatted it up with me. One is another that could go nowhere, but he is amusing and I keep him around for kicks. I have no intentions of ever meeting the guy and sexting is not my thing so why he continues to chat is beyond me, but whatever.

The other guy actually seems okay. He is age appropriate, has a good job, is far enough away from me geographically that he should not invade my space too much. We have been chatting on and off since October maybe? Why in the world we have continued this long, I will never know, but he seems nice enough and what else do I have going on? We have tried a few times to meet and things always come up on his end. He tried to meet me once impromptu, as well. That shit does not work for me. I had plans.

Tomorrow, guy number two and I are supposed to meet for lunch. It seems like it will actually happen. I am a little nervous. We have chatted for so long that I will be terribly disappointed if he is not at least friend material.

Not gonna lie. Really hoping that this lunch date ends up having potential. I am so freaking tired of the same old shit. Would not mind more at this point in my life. Not looking to get married or anything crazy, but it would be nice to have someone to share experiences with now and then. Oh well, I guess we will see what happens next.


Where do you meet people?

“Where do you meet people?”

The million dollar question. I was asked this recently after disclosing my resolution to not date online in 2017. It is one I have been asking myself since I decided to take a year off from online dating. So far, other than a few moments of boredom thanks to a self-inflicted hermit mode, which has since ended, not doing the online dating is not so bad. In fact, it is kinda nice.

I have one guy that I chat with via text periodically; I actually met him on pof back in the fall, but figure it is okay to continue conversations since it has been so long in the making. Honestly, he has been super patient while I have put off meeting him for a zillion reasons. We are supposed to do lunch this week.

Other than the one lingering pof guy, I am back to doing things the old fashioned way. Funny, because that never worked for me in the past. However, I am hopeful. Part of my reasoning for doing the online deal was I did not meet people in my normal life. I was too routine and stuck to the same old same old. You can’t meet new people if you do not break out of the norm. I got bored towards the end of last year and I am determined to do things differently this year. I figure that if I do more, go more places, and hang out with different people, I will broaden my circles and, in turn, maybe meet new people.

Last week, I went to trivia with friends at a local brewery and had a blast. We are going to go again this week. Friday night, I went out with my little sister to a bar about as far removed as I can get from my own little world. It was an interesting experience-gotta love when a guy tries to start conversations with you using a line like, “You ride horses?” *Related news, I think I can officially never call myself a country girl again. Saturday, I played Bingo with my mom and later went to the home bar with friends. I actually friended a guy that I think is cute that I see out at the bar on Facebook after seeing him out. Unfortunately, pretty sure he has a girlfriend after looking at some of his pics. Oh well.

I have a good life and great people in it. I figure if I have fun, try new things, and enjoy what I have, the energy will attract the right people. For now, that is my focus. I will add friends as the opportunity arises and remain hopeful that someday more might be waiting around the corner.



New Year, New Goals

As the first day of the new year is coming to an end, I figured it was about time to put some thoughts into writing. I have not been the best over the last few months as far as my blogging goes, but I really think that kind of goes along with life in general. It has just been a lot.

For me, however, I cannot really say that 2016 was all that bad. Sure we lost some icons and a huge election, but really it was just a bleh year in my book. Yeah, I gained back everything I had lost and still have not a lot to show for my efforts in a lot of areas, but we are all healthy for the most part. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and I am pretty blessed as far as people go in my life.

All of that being said, it is a new year which means it is time for some reflection. It is time for new goals and some new perspectives. My goals this year are fairly simple as reflection has led me to believe that I need to focus my energy in a few areas and I am hopeful that doing so will make me successful in those areas as well as others.

2017 Goals

  1. No Online Dating
  2. Finish School
  3. Travel More
  4. Prepare Oldest for Adulthood
  5. Get Healthy
  6. Work on Finances
  7. Work on House

No Online Dating-I know, it is probably a shocker and might be a little disappointing as many of my posts are about my dating disasters. However, that is really what most of my experiences with online dating have been. Frankly, it is soul draining. I know there are normal guys out there on the sites looking and that a girl has to kiss a lot of frogs, but enough already. I am taking a year off. I will date when normal guys approach me and ask me the old fashioned way. I cannot believe I wrote that without laughing-I have very low expectations for myself in the romance arena in 2017.

Finish School-I am actually pretty excited about this. Last semester was tough and I mean real tough. I have to repeat one of the two classes I took last round which throws off my degree completion plan. Luckily, I can still walk in May as long as I repeat the class this summer. My plan B was adding a minor and going until NEXT May which would have worked, but the thought of it made me cry a little.

Travel More-This is another one that makes me happy. My oldest is playing at Carnegie Hall this spring and I am hopeful that we will be in the audience for the performance. I also booked a cruise for June as a graduation celebration for myself and the girls since they are the poor souls that have to put up with me. Hoping to get in a few camping trips, as well. The gypsy in me is itching to get out and explore!

Prepare the Oldest-Sigh. I hate this, but love it. My oldest is 17 and as much as I want her to stay forever, it is time for me to really start setting her up for what is next. She is working on getting her license which terrifies me. Home girl needs a job and a car. This summer, we will have to start really looking into college options.

Get Healthy-I lost my way. Since starting to work on my Bachelor’s my efforts towards healthy living have gone to the wayside. It is time to get back into the gym, cut out sodas, and eat better.

Work on Finances-This is a no brainer, really. I need more money, less debt, and to be set up a little better in case of emergencies.

Work on the Casa-I have a lot of vision, but not a lot of follow through. It is time to make shit happen and fix my house up the way I want it.

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