Better Sleep Tonight

Sleep and I have not been great friends lately. There is just too much going on for me to ever hit my sleep goal and, when I do sleep, I have been having awful dreams. Normally, I am not one to dream much at all, so the situation has not been my favorite.

Over the weekend, my dreams took a very unwelcomed turn and I started dreaming about an ex. In my dreams, he comes into my home and refuses to leave which sounds harmless enough, but is slightly terrifying for me. While things were not overly nasty between us, I have a lot of unsettled hard feelings as I later learned that he had cheated (he is now married to the woman he cheated with) and really feel like I was used throughout the relationship. These are the dreams which I seem to be most likely to remember and they are actually provoking a physical response-I am pretty certain that I am grinding my teeth.

All this being said, imagine my surprise when he randomly starts messaging me wanting a favor.

I am pretty sure I am psychic. Somehow, somewhere deep inside me, I knew he was about to pop up and my body didn’t like it.

On occasion, I do some freelance work for friends/acquaintances. He asked what I would charge to do a project for him. I quoted him my usual price hoping he would decline, but he has asked that we move forward.

What I found funny happened today. He reached out to me a second time to provide me with some information I needed and to provide me with instructions on how to proceed and to let me know that he would pay me after I provided him with the finished project. He would “drop it by.”

Um, no sir.

You do not get to take advantage of me again. Period. I do not mind the side job, but I will not be providing finished project and put faith in this man to do the right thing.

There will be no coming to my home to “drop it by.”

I put my foot down. I said I would be in touch when it was complete. We would meet, he could review the work and pay me. Only then will I turn over the finished project.

I feel somewhat empowered today. I stood up for myself and took control of the situation. Hopefully, in doing so, I can sleep a little better tonight.


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