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Where’s the rug?

I put a lot of myself into every job which I hold and I have worked consistently until yesterday. Yesterday, I was let go from my job. I knew it was coming, but the rug was pulled out from under me.

Despite my having a pretty good idea it was coming, I really thought I would have been given some warning. I had been looking for a position for a while and thought I could secure something before the inevitable. I was wrong. I have cried a bit and today I feel better about things.

If I must be unemployed, I guess now is a good time for it. Taxes just came in and I was given two weeks of severance. I should also be able to collect unemployment.

The job I had was killing my soul. Management claimed to be strong Christian people, but treated people horribly. I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated. My daughter commented on my not being more upset immediately after it happened and friends have mentioned that I seem so much less stressed already.

A little time off may be a good thing. I can finally get my house cleaned and organized. My dad is retired and has agreed to help me with a few projects. I can get my car worked on, the dog groomed, and the list goes on.

So, there is my update. I am not sure what is next, but we are going to be okay. Excited to see what happens next.


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