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Where’s the rug?

I put a lot of myself into every job which I hold and I have worked consistently until yesterday. Yesterday, I was let go from my job. I knew it was coming, but the rug was pulled out from under me.

Despite my having a pretty good idea it was coming, I really thought I would have been given some warning. I had been looking for a position for a while and thought I could secure something before the inevitable. I was wrong. I have cried a bit and today I feel better about things.

If I must be unemployed, I guess now is a good time for it. Taxes just came in and I was given two weeks of severance. I should also be able to collect unemployment.

The job I had was killing my soul. Management claimed to be strong Christian people, but treated people horribly. I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated. My daughter commented on my not being more upset immediately after it happened and friends have mentioned that I seem so much less stressed already.

A little time off may be a good thing. I can finally get my house cleaned and organized. My dad is retired and has agreed to help me with a few projects. I can get my car worked on, the dog groomed, and the list goes on.

So, there is my update. I am not sure what is next, but we are going to be okay. Excited to see what happens next.


Vacation Brain Part 2

We are in the home stretch! Today is Tuesday and we leave on Friday for vacation. Unfortunately, that means that my mind is in overdrive. As much as I love travelling, I am a ball of nerves whenever I leave.

I have created some killer packing lists this time for the trip and, thanks to being a clothes hoarder, can almost pack now and still have clothing to wear to work daily. In related news, do you have any idea how much sunscreen redheads should take on a trip to the Bahamas? The answer: a LOT. I have seven bottles going on this five day trip.

I absolutely despise coming home to a mess. Generally, this is because I jump right back into my crazy life. That being said, I have broken down my house so that we have a good chore list for everyone. If all goes well, the house will be in better shape than it is in normally when we get home.

I still need to run by the post office and stop our mail. I will likely do this task today at lunch. I was not thinking yesterday and made an online purchase which I am assuming may be delivered while we are away. I am hoping that it will be delivered snail mail; otherwise, I can hopefully sweet talk my best friend into intercepting the package for me in return for a beer when I return.

The animals. Poor little boogers are being displaced while we are gone. Taking the guinea pig to my parents so my youngest brother can watch her. The dogs are going to the vet to be boarded. I am trying to use all of the dry food we have up prior to leaving and will have to stop and buy more before the trip. Looks like I will be planning a trip to the store again Wednesday or Thursday…

In related news, while we are not having any real issues, I am planning to bug bomb once everyone and everything is out just to be safe. Guess I can pick that stuff up while I am getting a new bag of food for my furry friends.

Finally, I think the only other thing which I need to worry about is work. This is actually my slow time of year, so I am not terribly concerned. I am planning to put up away messages on my voicemail and email. I will reach out to everyone that I am currently working with to let them know I will be out and, then, I should be home free and clear. I will not have access to internet or phone for the trip and is should be DEVINE!

Only a little time and a lot to do. Obviously, I have quite the to-do list going. I cannot wait to have everything accomplished and be able to relax for a bit!


Seasons Change

Seasons change. Today was the first day of spring and I guess my feelings are appropriate considering, but I cannot seem to shake the feeling that I need a change. Really, the fact that I am feeling this way is a little surprising; I just had a week of break from my classes and thought I would be somewhat recharged. Instead, I am exhausted.

That is probably a good place as any to start. I am exhausted. It is not just an “I could really use a nap” kind of tired, either. It is a tired that I feel in my soul. I have an unrest of sorts brewing somewhere deep inside of me and it is manifesting itself everywhere.

I feel it at work. I have zero ability to concentrate lately. My mojo is lost. I had a strong start to the year and now things are slowing. Honestly, it is natural considering the work that I do, but it still makes me anxious. Sitting at the desk for eight hours a day with no real results kills me. I glanced through the want ads today, I do not think another job is the answer and there was nothing that I wanted to do.

I feel it at home. I want a new house. I am tired of fighting over bathrooms. Tired of stressing over neighbors, traffic, and bushes. I want a place where I can find peace. I also want to be in my current neighborhood, my mortgage payments to be cut in half, and a fenced in backyard for the puppos. Yeah, I need to get a grip.

I am feeling it in my relationships. My kids have a decent understanding of my funk and we deal. They act like teenagers, I snap, we make up, repeat. I have my on again off again relationship which works for me to a point. Now, it is working quite well which is probably not a good thing, but I have little desire to deal with many others at the moment. That is kinda sucky. I am talking to a couple of people, well, sort of talking. I owe a return call to one that I am supposed to go out with Friday, but I have come to realize that I despise the phone and if that is required for a relationship, I might be in trouble.

I am feeling it physically. I am tired. I am so blah. I finally got to the gym for a bit this evening for the first time in quite a while-it was excruciating. I have gained back everything I had lost. I am eating out too much. I am drinking too much…alcohol, soda, yep-if it’s bad for me, just add it to the list.

It is time for the season to change. Maybe for a few to change considering this brain dump. Perhaps the equinox hit at the right time and I can start fresh tomorrow. Of course, the fact it is almost two hours past my bedtime does not lead me to believe I won’t be tired again tomorrow.


A Quick Ornery Update

Two weeks have passed since my last blog; not a lot has been happening in my world. I started talking to the guy I have seen on again and off again over the years. Maybe I am a bit insane to fool with it since they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, but I have this crazy little part of me that needs to ride it out and see what happens. He has been a good distraction. I like the idea of us. Always have, hence the one again off again for years.

In keeping with the “What random guys have entered my world” topic, I was highly amused last weekend when a guy slipped me his number at the end of the night. I later found out he was 26. I feel like age should only be a number, but I am really struggling with the idea of seeing someone that much younger. Granted, he is not the 22 year old that asked me to come over earlier this week, but still, the age difference is an issue. Funny how I do not mind a guy ten years older, but one ten years younger is a hang up. Regardless, dude has asked me out twice now and I have declined because of my crazy life. I need to either say yes and give it a try or cut the dude loose. Time is ticking (at least in my own head).

Otherwise, life is okay. I am totally overwhelmed with school. There is only two more weeks this round of classes which is awesome, but these classes are killing me with papers. I feel like I am barely staying afloat with their workloads. I have officially registered for spring classes and get to apply for graduation in January!

Football/marching band season continues. Tonight’s game is looking soggy-stupid Matthew. I may sit it out. Kind of hoping that tomorrow’s competition gets cancelled so I can focus on school and housework for the day.

My best friend found a new home! We get to move her on Sunday. Hoping with her getting reestablished that we can get some routine going. I need a gym buddy again.

My oldest turns 17 next week. The festivities are apparently going to be all week long. I am feeling very old and poor. Homegirl has expensive tastes.

Well, that is a quick Ornery update. Hopefully, there is something good on the horizon. Fingers crossed!


Adulting Sucks

Some days I really feel like I am a decent adult. Others not so much. Lately, there has been a lot of not so much. I am sure a lot of it is because I do too much and spread myself too thin, but geez. Here are a few of my issues lately. Things could definitely be worse, but these are a few of the things that have managed to make me feel like a lousy adult this week.

  1. I screwed up my accounts. I have money. I transferred money. I forgot about the holiday and left myself with nothing to run on.
  2. In my attempt to fix my before mentioned mishap, I realized that I had no checks. I hardly ever use them so, of course, when I need one, I am screwed.
  3. Road work. Holy shit there is a lot going on lately. Everywhere I go I get delayed.
  4. My lawnmower broke. Well, maybe it isn’t really broken. But it won’t start. And it is new. Like two weeks old. Hopefully, it is just bad gas. Otherwise, ugh.
  5. I might have purchased the new lawnmower for nothing; my dad thinks that my old mower might have had bad gas too.
  6. With my overgrown yard, I am becoming THAT neighbor.
  7. I have not cooked for my children all week and I am pretty sure that there is not much for them to choose from in the house because I didn’t grocery shop last weekend.
  8. I have not gotten to the gym all week.
  9. I forgot my little brother’s birthday.
  10. I have zero focus on my work because of all of the other shit running through my mind.

And there you have it. Just a snippet of the crap that has left me feeling like a sucky adult this week. Hoping that the weekend will help me get things turned around and going in the right direction again. Stay tuned!


Getting Organized

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that life was getting crazy, but in a good way. Funny, but my household runs so much better when we are fully engulfed in activities and chaos. That being said, there are a few things that really do seem to help make life run a little smoother and there are a few things that I am considering adding to my organizational systems moving forward.

Current Systems:

Dry Erase Boards: I currently have two. One which has columns for each of us and rows for each day so that we can list our activities. The other is a to do board which I put chores and notes to the kids (their favorite-sarcasm, totally)

Google: I love my Google Calendar which I have two that are intertwined. One for work which is attached to scheduling software and the other which is for family/kid stuff. My other favorite Google app-Keep. I can create lists for EVERYTHING. Groceries? Homework? Errands? Karaoke songs? Gift ideas? Yep, chances are I have a list going.

Other: I am a creature of habit. Some things are just accepted in our house. Tuesday nights, we watch tv and I do laundry. Wednesday nights, we put cans out for Thursday pick up. Sundays, we play catch up.

New Introductions:

Car Organizer: I got a new car a couple of weeks ago and have just started to realize the lack of storage space in the console. I spend a lot of time in my car during the school year waiting on kids and doing homework. I am looking for an organizer that I can keep post-its, highlighters, pens, snacks, my coloring book and pencils-basically everything a three year old needs on a road trip because I am that mom.

An old school planner: I purchased an old school paper planner a week or two ago. Honestly, even with my current systems, I felt like I was floundering. There is something great about being able to write stuff down and mark things off. Not sure I am not in organization overkill, but giving it a try. My girls both got new planners, too.

Stocking my work lunch room: Trying this for the first time this week. I purchased my sodas (yeah, I should quit), frozen lunches, oatmeal, and snacks when I went shopping over the weekend. Now, I am not having to run out and take time away from my desk and I should save a bit-a winning situation.

Other good ideas that might eventually be implemented:

Planning outfits: I should be that girl. I am not. My mornings would run so much smoother. I might get there eventually.

Keeping a packed gym bag: This could easily happen. This should easily happen. It does from time to time, but I think if I kept one ready to go, I would sneak a workout in now and then during down times.

So that is where I am at the moment-in the midst of chaos, loving it, but preparing for when it gets worse or I just am not feeling it quite as much. Any ideas on other things I can do to prepare and keep life running smooth? What works for you?


Crazy Weeks Ahead

Last week ended on a fairly positive note. I had a very nice lunch date with a new guy Thursday. Friday, I had a pinup event and went to listen to a friend’s band play at a local bar. Saturday was spent volunteering for my kids’ school and Sunday was spent playing catch-up.

I am pretty excited about the next few weeks. I am going to be busy, busy, busy. I think that is a good thing for me since it keeps me from looking too far into things. As much as I would like for things to work out and a relationship to magically appear, I am probably better off doing me and letting things fall where they will.

All that being said, the next few weeks are crazy. I am hoping that I can make magic happen while I am in the office so that the boss man does not get too irritated. My kids have me coming and going from the office pretty much daily for extended periods of time. I have one doing hours upon hours at the fireworks stand, we have dance classes, viola lessons, visits to nana, a music enrichment program, a road trip, and a birthday-and that is just for them the first half of July. Whew!

In the midst of all that commotion, I have a round of classes wrapping up next Friday and the next round beginning the following Monday. Not so sure taking two classes was my best idea ever, but we will see. And I am determined that I should get to have some fun in the mix, so we will see where I fit that in. Perhaps something with the lunch date guy from last week or Justin…not really holding my breath.

So that is my update for life at the moment. Lots of good stuff happening. Pretty excited to have a full schedule again and get back into something resembling a routine. Next week, I might be complaining about the crazy, but for now, it suits me just fine.