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Unwelcome Visitor

I am not a complicated girl. Others might disagree, but I think I am pretty low maintenance. Feed me. Let me sleep. Don’t get in my way. Throw me a compliment now and then. Yeah, I think that is about it. Give me those things, not necessarily in that order, and you will have a happy OrneryDame on your hands.

This morning, I am not a happy OrneryDame.

Really, I probably jinxed myself yesterday afternoon. I was talking to a neighbor and mentioned thinking there was a critter hanging around our backyards at night. My dogs have been acting crazy now and then as if there was something on the other side of the fence. It is not a normal occurrence, so I have not let it bother me too much.

I have been getting into bed at a somewhat reasonable time most nights. Last night, however, I stayed up a little later doing homework. I went ahead and crawled into bed around 11:30 going on midnight. A little later, I woke up to my dogs barking. Initially, I tried to ignore them, but then I thought I heard a noise. Eventually, I got up. I found that in their excitement, they left me a nice puddle to clean (I love swiffering at 3:00 in the morning!) and out the door they went-sorry neighbors!

Once the dogs calmed down, they came back inside. It appeared that I might get a little more sleep. But no, about the time I got settled, they started up again. They continued until who knows when. All I know is that I tossed, turned, and cursed for a good amount of time before finally drifting back off. Once I did finally get to sleep, I found myself deep in a crazy dream that ended an hour after I usually get up.

Eventually, Larry texted me to see if I was up and moving. Larry leaves for work earlier than I do. He said that he found the source of what was driving my dogs crazy when he got up. There was a raccoon on my porch scratching at the door like it wanted to get in, or just drive my dogs crazy.

Now, I love raccoons, from a distance. My back porch is too close for comfort especially when the critter has managed to piss off my dogs and keep me up all night. It is time for a trap. What I will do once we catch the thing is beyond me. There is a good chance that many more nights like last night and they will end up at the SPCA; probably not, but it is a good threat anyways. Especially when I think of them snoozing while I work the day away.

I think an early bedtime is in my future. Perhaps with earplugs.


Our Christmas Miracle

We have all fallen hard for my daughter’s little hamster, Rosie. She was supposed to be a Christmas present for Jeanette, but each of us has grown rather attached to the critter. That is why the last few days have been so hard and why I have got to share some of the dramatics that this little critter has caused.

I guess I should preface the story with Rosie is only partially to blame. Really, the dog played a big role in everything that conspired, a very big role.

Our house gets pretty chilly at night and for some reason my daughter’s room gets especially cold. The chill on top of Rosie’s love of her wheel past midnight had forced me to move her cage to the dining room Saturday night. The next morning we overslept and ran out the door late to church forgetting to move Rosie back to the safety of being shut in a bedroom.

We returned home from church a few hours later and Jeanette ran in ahead of me. I had just reached the stoop when I heard a blood curdling scream. The dining room had been destructed. Our dog, Crunchy, had knocked her cage into the floor and drug it into the hallway. There was bedding, food, treats and anything else that had been in the cage spread throughout the area. In the hallway, the cage laid in pieces. Rosie was nowhere to be found.

A quick canvas showed no little hamster body. There was no fur, no blood, so I was hopeful that she was okay. I checked the dogs for any signs that our newest pet had become their mid-morning snack and there was nothing. We started cleaning hoping to find our furry friend. As we cleaned, Brittany spotted her watching us from behind the couch in the living room. The living room is off limits to the dogs. Rosie had squeezed behind the baby gate to safety. We all rejoiced.

A lesson was learned on Sunday. Do not put the cage on the table.

Fast forward a few days to Wednesday. It was time to go to grandma’s house. We loaded the car and hit the road. On our way, I got to thinking about Rosie. I asked Jeanette where she was and she was in the dining room on the buffet. I would have preferred her be behind a closed door, but figured it would be okay since there was no way for the dog to get on the buffet.

WRONG! We arrived home and, again, Jeanette went in first. I made it to the door in time for another scream. This time it was much more intense. Crunchy had pushed a chair over to the buffet and knocked her down again. The cage was again drug into the hallway. There was massive destruction similar to that from days earlier. But this time, there was more. The dogs had gotten sick. We had poop in the kitchen, dining room, and Crunchy had gotten into the family room. He was digging frantically at the couch.

Again, Rosie was nowhere to be found. But this time, with the added sick dogs I was worried. I held onto the hope she was okay for a bit. Then, we found blood. Jeanette was heartbroken.
For the life of me, I could not see the dogs eating our precious pet. But there was no other explanation. We searched throughout the house hoping to be wrong. My boyfriend thought that she might be hurt and that she had hidden herself away to die. We flipped couches and moved everything that we thought she could possibly be under, in, or behind. Eventually, I gave up and we threw away the remains of Rosie’s cage.

Jeanette went to bed heartbroken. There was no consoling the child who had fallen in love with her pet during the short time we had her. Out of ideas on what to say, I suggested that we pray for Rosie. We prayed that if she was alive that she be found soon and that if she had passed that God would love her and take care of her. We prayed for forgiveness for the dogs and for our own strength to forgive. I cried right along with her.

After things had calmed down and the kids were settled, I returned to cleaning the family room. I picked up things that had gotten thrown around in the search, vacuumed, and was putting everything back together when I spotted a familiar face. Rosie was peeking out at me from underneath the couch! I yelled up for help catching her and everyone sprang into action. Moments later, our little Rosie was found with not a hair out of place. She was fine!

From what we can tell, the dog carried Rosie to the family room since she would have had to go down a flight of stairs. We also figure that the dog hurt his paw trying to get Rosie and the blood we found was his.

We have to assume that the dog has had somewhat good intentions and only wanted to play with Rosie since she was not eaten, again. I am also pretty sure that it is hamsters, not cats, which have nine lives. We can also say without hesitation that our prayer was answered. It was a Christmas miracle.


Attack on the nostrils


For as long as I can remember, I have had a weak stomach.  I had to leave the room when my mom changed my brothers’ diapers.  One is in his thirties and I can still remember…  When I was pregnant, the smell of my husband’s breath could make me ill.  It is a wonder that I made it through changing the diapers for two kids, but, somehow, I did it.

Then, we got the dogs.  Our first dog wasn’t so bad.  Yes, housebreaking was a chore, but at least he wasn’t a vile disgusting creature.  A little bit of time and a lot of scolding later, and he was, virtually, accident free.

The other dog, well, he is a different story.  Our second dog came straight from hell.  He has earned the nickname Devil Dog.  He refuses to be housebroken.  No matter how much scolding, begging, pleading, treat offering, or whatever else we can try, he refuses.  Why?  He loves poop.  The dog plays with his poop.  He hides his poop.  He eats his poop.  Hell, he will eat the other dog’s poop.  Yes, I have really enjoyed this animal.  I am such a lucky pet owner.

Brittany came home early today with a stomach bug.  I was not terribly surprised that one of my kids caught the bug; both were exposed to the bug over the weekend.

Britt came home and went straight to bed.  She was armed with an empty trashcan, just in case.  She wanted to rest, so I went off to start some work in the other room.

As I was working, Devil Dog was messing.  He got into Britt’s laundry; I wrestled her dirty underwear out of his mouth.  He then went to looking for shoes, which I moved out of his reach.  Eventually, I thought the room was doggy proof.  That is when he disappeared behind the chair.

That was when I started to smell the smell.  It took over the room.  My nostrils burned; my stomach churned.  Then, the gagging began.  I started fussing at the dog as I looked for where he had hidden while he did the deed.  He ran back towards Britt’s room.  I followed.

As I got closer to the room, I realized the smell was growing stronger.  It was not my dog that violated my house and overloaded my sensitive senses, but my daughter.  I was shocked.  Holding my breath, I opened a window despite the 30 degree temperatures outside and overloaded the house with air freshener.

Then, I began to feel a little bad for fussing at the Devil Dog.  Only a little bad; he managed to get a hold of Britt’s dirty underwear that I thought had been put out of his reach and the pursuit began all over again.

I am still in awe that such a vile smell can come from a human.  I was certain that Devil Dog was to blame!   Hopefully, the worst is over for Britt.  Now, I am just waiting to see which of us will succumb to the bug next and dreading what affect it will have on my senses.


Ten Things That Have Made Me Happy Today

1. My sister sending me random pictures of my nephew first thing in the morning-his little smile is contagious.

2. Finding the teen snuggling with the dog in bed; she swears she hates it, but they always end up together.

3. Coming into the office and having no voicemails to check first thing.

4. A good hair day.

5. Catching up with my mom during my commute.  Hard to believe that she was once the last person I wanted to talk to; funny how differently you look at things once you grow up.

6. Both kids getting to school on time.

7. A tear free morning for me and the kids.

8. Mountain Dew in the morning.

9.  Acknowledgement from the boss; I have been working my ass off lately.  It was nice to have something noticed.

10. Control of the music in the office.  Nothing is better than my eclectic mix of music.  It instantly brightens my day.

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