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Time to Refocus

It is time for me to refocus and get my ass back in gear. Not really sure how I got so far off track diet wise but something happened between September and the first of the year which I have yet to recover from.

Luckily, I have not regained ALL of the weight I lost back. I am still about thirty down from my highest point, so I regained about ten.  It is kind of funny looking at pictures because I can see improvements in my body looking at pictures where I am about the same weight last year compared to now. Exercise is a funny thing.

But it is time to step it up a notch and it is a good time to do it. This week starts a new semester, the kids are wrapping up school, and, after last weekend’s blow up, I am ready to refocus on myself.

Diet is a struggle for me and will be my biggest challenge. Even as I am writing this, I just had pop tarts and a Mtn. Dew for my breakfast-go me! Not going to be too hard on myself this week since the week is insane and I did not properly plan, but will do better moving forward.

Exercise is actually something I have learned to enjoy. Switched things up some this month since I had gotten in a slump and signed up for a Pilates class through our local parks and recreation department. So far, so good. I enjoy it and am sore after each class. Two days per week for a month at $27-not too bad. Still trying to go to the gym daily. Really want to get back in before work, but struggling to get up daily. Made it two days in a row this week, but slept in a bit today. Have a workout buddy starting with me three days per week after her vacation next week; that should help. Also told the guy that I know that is there with his hot brother to harass me anytime I miss. Nothing like embarrassing myself as a motivator. Going in the afternoon as time permits and have a couple of friends that will usually go with some notice. Basically, I spent too much time at Planet Fitness. Still have a few Zumba lessons paid for that need to be used pretty soon, so working those in as well.

Still have a 5k at the beginning of June with my brother, daughter, and best friend. Not really prepared, but going to go have some fun. Will try to work on that a bit in the next couple of weeks.

My brother wants to lose a bit, too. So he gets to be my accountability partner for the entire mess. Poor guy gets to hear me bitch and moan more than my twitter followers.  You can all send your condolences.

So, that’s my plan for the moment. Time to step it up and knock out 30 lbs by the end of summer.  I think I can! Fingers crossed!


Good Around The Corner

It is Friday! I made it.  A few moments this week have been touch and go, but 7 hours to go and the weekend is mine!

This week has been quite the mixed lot as far as emotions go.  I had a gut check earlier this week at work which had me stressing.  The girls have both had a lot on their plates with school and extra-curricular activities. We have been some moody witches, not gonna lie.

Funny thing about life though, it really does seem like when things fall apart, they come together.  After some crying, screaming and a lot of reflection, I am feeling pretty good about the direction of things at the moment. I have a lot of good in my life. I think a slight mental breakdown might have been necessary for me to appreciate it.

So here I am working on a Friday thinking about a ridiculous to do list that I have.  This time, next week, I will be on a boat in the Bahamas.  But a lot needs to happen before hand. I cannot wait for vacay even if it will not be exactly the way I had originally envisioned.

After my vacation, I am getting my groove back.  I have let myself slack on diet and exercise, but no more.  Hitting it hard.  So far, I have signed up for two 5ks and we have already had talk of a third. My bestie is on board which should help with the motivation. Pretty stoked.

Spring is performance central. Both kids have concert assessments and spring concerts for school.  We have dance recitals, a play, and multiple events with the orchestra. There might also be a Brantley Gilbert concert in the mix to be followed by a wild night of drunken debauchery….

Pinup season is just around the corner, too.  Last year, I did a few events which was nice, but I feel like if I am going to do it this year it is time to “Go Big or Go Home.” So lookout world.  Pretty stoked about the dresses which were snug last year fitting this year and being able to buy a couple of new ones. Yeah, I am excited for shopping, go figure but a girl has to look good! Currently looking at a parade, two car shows, modeling events, and actually some other events associated with a fashion week.

Life is good.  Lots to look forward to which makes this old girl happy. Now, to conquer the weekend and start the fun stuff!



Resolution Update-A Progress Report

So it has not been quite three months since I made my resolutions. But I figured it was time for an update. It is a mixed bag of results so far.

Really, my life revolves around a few things these days: family, work, school, and improving my health. Some weeks have been easier than others. Some, like this last one, have been downright hard. But here is a simple recap of how far I have come and what I still need to work on.

So what were my goals?
*Cut out soda-still working on this. I like my Diet Pepsi! I have been drinking more water and have tried to switch to Advocare Spark for an afternoon pick me up. Maybe, by our next update this will happen.
*Complete a Get Fit Challenge that is being offered at my school-Scrapped this. Great in concept, but not great with my schedule. I was killing myself. I am better off working out at my gym around my schedule.
*Complete a 100 mile/100 day challenge-10 weeks into the challenge and I have three miles to go! Excited to be finishing and moving onto my next goal-C210k.
*Participate in a Color Run-Decided to wait on this. Starting the C210k next week, but that will not give me enough time to properly train. Looking at June for a 5k.
*Lose 50 lbs.-Definitely not there. Down about 10lbs. A good start. Still a work in progress.
*Complete Associates Degree-walk in May!-In progress. 57 days to graduation. Just have to survive my three classes!

There are a few other goals that I need to work on, but they are not nearly as pressing or as important in the big scheme of things. Despite my being completely overwhelmed with life lately, I am pretty proud of how far I have come and I am looking forward to my next update.


Resolution Time!

It is finally a New Year and, of course, that means it is time for resolutions. It has been a while since I took a bit of time to write, so I figured I would document my goals and what I am doing now to reach them.

I guess I will actually start with what I am doing to keep track of my goals. I am starting here because I am super excited over my recent discovery of Google Keep. This app allows you to create lists and have them accessible on the computer and phone. I use the app for everything. I keep every day errand lists, grocery lists, lists of projects for around the house, big ticket purchases that I want to keep an eye out for, and now my resolutions. I figure if it is somewhere I see every day I am less likely to forget and have goals go to the wayside. I can mark things off as they are accomplished to which I LOVE. My other reminder is old school. I have stuck notes to myself on sticky notes to my computer at work for both my work goals and personal.

So what are my goals? It is a very random mix this year….
*Cut out soda
*Complete a Get Fit Challenge that is being offered at my school
*Complete a 100 mile/100 day challenge
*Participate in a Color Run
*Lose 50 lbs.
*Complete camper renovations
*Get camper legal for the road and learn to drive hauling
*Save money to be able to set up camp for the summer
*Pay off credit cards
*Refinance house
*Complete Associates Degree-walk in May!
*Start working towards Bachelors Degree
*Begin working towards work certification
*Develop old film

As you can see, this is a very random list. Luckily, however, I think it is very doable. I am two classes away from my Associate’s degree and have my final semester starting next week. I have already been accepted to a local University and plan to start my Bachelor’s in the fall. I thought about starting this summer, but really want to enjoy some time with my kids.

This summer should be fun! I hope to complete my camper renovations and have her road ready before I graduate. Then, I want her set up so that we can head for the hills after I finish a work week. I was working a second job to make this dream a reality, but that fell through. My new Plan B is just to be frugal and do what I can do. The being frugal deal will also help with my accomplishing the goal of paying off my credit cards. I will check into refinancing soon.

The other big goal for me is losing 50 lbs. I have had diet goals and fitness goals before. Heck, we all have. This year though, I feel a little more confident about it. I signed up for the 100 mile/100 day challenge being offered through our local parks and rec with a couple of friends. We are each doing it individually, but knowing they are doing it too helps. My college is doing a Get Fit Challenge which looked intriguing; I start that adventure next week and can win prizes for working out and losing weight. It is a win-win! I have to meet certain criteria to win such as a minimum number of work outs, weekly weigh ins, etc. It should help me to stay motivated. The Color Run is in April; I will sign up for that shortly. My friend is also doing a virtual 5k in February which I will likely do as well.

I purchased a Camel Bak and I am trying to wean myself away from soda. It is so hard! I have also decided to stop buying lunches out. I figure every month that I do not eat out for lunch I can set aside $20 and then, come summer, hopefully I will be at 50 lbs lost. Once I hit that 50 lb goal, the money I have saved will go towards a tattoo. I don’t have any right now, but I really want one!

It seems like a lot, but I am pretty excited and think that everything is going to fall into place nicely. I love having a busy schedule-it keeps me out of trouble! I would love to hear what others do to track their goals-what are some things that work for you? What are you working towards in 2015?


Keeping Sane in Chaos

Two posts in a night?! What is that Ornery Dame up to?

Life has been off the hook crazy over the last few weeks and our hectic schedule has got me thinking about my own sanity. It is time for me to make a few changes. Some have already been in the works, but others are new, and some are yet to come.

• I need to free my life of unnecessary drama. Some people make me crazy. Really, it is on me for letting them affect me so negatively, but if I remove myself from the situations, it eliminates some of the crazy. Prime example: I deleted Larry’s ex from my Facebook friends list and already feel better. I deleted people that air out a lot of their drama and I hid people that post political crap that drives me crazy.
• I have asked Larry to move out. We are just not able to blend our families successfully and I am miserable because of it. Things will only get worse the longer we wait; especially with Alvin wanting to live with his father.
• It is time to re-evaluate my spending. This girl has got to get back into a budget! First up, my cell phone bill is off the hook-shopping for new providers this weekend.
• Meal plan! It is amazing how much better I feel when I have a plan for what we will have for dinner daily. Preparing warm up breakfasts is an amazing time saver and keeps me from hearing kids complain about nothing to eat. And, finally, I need to keep lots of snacky things on hand for lunches and, well, snacks.
• Make time for studying! This semester, I am taking two classes. So far, I have worked out the following schedule: I get up early during the week to do my virtual gym class. I read on my lunch breaks and sit down to work out math problems after the kids climb in bed.
• Find ways to vent. Last week, I went out to sing karaoke with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Tonight, I went crazy cheering for our football team. Frankly, it was awesome.
• Blog more. This has been on my mind a while. It is time for some changes. It is time for more posts and more of the real me. Confession time: names have previously been changed to protect the innocent. I originally renamed many of the people in my life: my kids, my boyfriend, his kid, and our families. I am kind of over it. I will not be changing everyone; I prefer not to cause drama with Larry and the ex. But my family and my kids will be the real deal. Added bonus for a somewhat full disclosure; I can post more pics and let you all see more of my real life!

Now is a great time for some of the changes that need to take place. This three day weekend will allow me to catch up around the house, shop, organize, and next week will be a better one.


Dinner on the Cheap

It has been a while since I posted anything, especially anything about being frugal. I guess I really just haven’t been inspired. That was until tonight.

This week, I started a diet. I hate to diet. I especially hate it come dinner time. After a long day, no one wants to be cooking and my family has too much going on for me to devote a lot of time to preparing a huge meal which is why I really liked how this turned out…

Monday I had an impromptu trip to the grocery store with my eldest and we found some chicken on sale. We bought two packages of boneless skinless chicken breast for around $3 a package. One package had two breasts and the other had three. It was plenty for our family of four. Honestly, I thought I bought four; the fifth breast was a nice surprise.

This morning, I got smart and decided to pull out the handy dandy crockpot. I put the breasts in with a jar of chunky salsa and then decided it needed a bit more, so I threw in some tomato puree. And off I went to work.
When I got home, the rest came together easy. I made some brown rice and opened a bag of frozen peppers and onions. I put the chicken, veggies, and sauce from the salsa/puree over the rice.

I thought dinner was pretty awesome. The kids gave it mixed reviews.

I had a large breast left over, plenty of sauce and some chicken which had fallen apart left over. So, what to do? I stopped by the store and picked up tortillas, cheese, and sour cream. Tomorrow night, chicken tacos.
As I was putting the chicken away for tomorrow, I was shocked by the amount of sauce I had left. I went ahead and froze the remaining sauce. I figure it will be great in chilli beans. I bought beans on sale the other day.

So basically, I got three meals from what started with $6 of chicken and maybe $3 in canned goods which I threw in the crockpot. And tomorrow’s dinner is planned and super simple. I am a pretty proud of myself.


New Projects

Over the past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of research regarding ways to create a better life.  It has been a mission for me this year-to save money and live better.  In my search, I came across some homemade cleaners which caught my interest.  I am very interested in getting away from harmful chemicals and if we can save money in the process, even better.  Plus, I thought it homemade cleaners could be very cute in gifts (maybe a mason jar of dish detergent and crocheted dish cloth-I think super cute).

Today, I mentioned my ideas to my Work Buddy.  She is also trying to save money and liked the idea of making cleaners-especially for gifts.  I am pretty excited; we can make the products together splitting the expenses.  We have both spent the day looking for recipes and crafty gift ideas.

I am really excited for our new projects and have already started thinking of other ways we can save while improving our quality of life.  We both have our own areas of expertise and, together, we can create some great stuff-I can teach her to crochet and she can teach me to can.  Our first project day is Saturday; I cannot wait!

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