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It’s Raining Men

Mr. On Again Off Again disappeared on me about two weeks ago. While it was a little disheartening, I have been very reserved with him this go around and did not stress over it too much. I continued doing my thing, gave it a few days and started my POF account again to entertain myself.

If you follow my posts you know I have a love hate relationship with dating sites. I love that they allow me to meet people, but hate that most people suck. Nevertheless, I started a couple of conversations before I decided to hide my profile again and, in the meantime, the guy I went out with a few times previously resurfaced.

Funny thing about dating, it is either feast or famine.

Saturday night a friend at the bar tried to feel out if I would be interested in dating him after he saw the guy that I went out with previously. The guy is older than me by eight years but I guess my friend thought he looked older maybe? It opened up a very awkward conversation about my dating older men as he is old enough to be my father. I love my friend, but no.

I had my date Sunday with the guy that I had dated before; I have not heard from him since which is fine as it is how he is and I am not sure how interested I am. I got asked to dinner by a POF guy I have been talking to for tonight; I had to decline-we are going to try for another night. Then, Mr. On Again Off Again popped back up. His excuse for not being in touch was lame, but I believe it was legit. And, because I needed one more distraction, another POF guy that I have talked to on and off popped up this morning.

Seriously? What in the world is going on here?

Whatever it is, I am flattered and amused. Maybe dating a bit while the rest of my life happens is the route I am supposed to take for now? I guess time will tell. Until then, I am just trying to go with the flow and see what happens next.


Bucket List: Strip Show

Last night, I was able to knock another item off my bucket list. The item: going to a strip club/show.

Honestly, I had forgotten that the item was on my bucket list until today. I was pleasantly surprised that I could knock it off; I mentioned that it was a bucket list item to my sister and she said it was on hers as well which I thought was cool.

So, I thought I would give you guys a bit of insight into my experience. I can say in somewhat certainty that I will not be attending another event like that again. Well, that might not be true, I should probably check out one more to really be able to compare, but we will see.

The event I attended last night was at a local bar. It was a place that I have never been, so I was excited 1. Go see the event and 2. Check out the bar.  I purchased the tickets online after seeing a Facebook post about the event. I was surprised that my mom and sister agreed to go and purchased the tickets quickly so they could not change their minds.

A few things that I learned prior to the event:

  1. Purchasing in advance is not the way to go; Groupon ran a deal on tickets weeks after I purchased ours.
  2. Scoping it out ahead of time a little would have gotten us closer seats, although I am not sure we would have wanted them.

When we got to the event, I was a little disappointed, the venue was much smaller than I expected. The show was also. Another thing I should have done was really look into the show. The group we saw had three strippers. Three. They were not that great. Two chocolate and one caramel. My mom mentioned it would be nice if they had more of a mix initially because two were younger. The third was older and not great either. All had good bodies, but ehhh otherwise. The older one needed a haircut, in my opinion. Of course, the rest of the ladies did not seem to mind any of this, so maybe it was just us.

So, fast forward a bit, and the event begins. Cheesiest music ever. Even cheesier choreography. My sister at one point turned around and asked, “Do they choreograph themselves? WTH?”

Then, they started bringing ladies up on stage. Some paid prior to the event to participate. Another learning moment: do not pay in advance. After the show started, they announced there would be more opportunities and that you could get on stage for $20. When that did not get a great response, they knocked it to $20 gets you and a friend on stage…. You know it is a classy show when you can get a $10 lap dance.

In all actuality, I did have fun. It was fun for me watching the people on stage act like fools. It was even more fun watching my mother who does not drink or get out often (my dad is unaware of where we were). I managed to get her to try a sip of my Angry Orchard which she did not like. I was also fortunate enough to witness my mother interact with a stripper…

The stripper might have been 25 which is the same age as my younger brother/sister. The gentleman had a very nice, smooth body and smile. He sauntered over to my mother and begins to gyrate on her lap. My sister was looking on in awe as I am laughing and trying to encourage my mother to play along. Her response, “I am old enough to be your mother. Shoo. Move along.” And she did the “shoo” hand motion. I almost cried laughing.

We stayed at the show for about two hours and I am fairly confident that those that remained had one heck of a night. I had fun, but think I would rather put the money that I put in the ticket to better use enjoying a concert or another activity next time.


Coming out of the woodwork

April has been a funny month. The few weeks have been kind of interesting when it comes to my interactions with the opposite sex. It has been funny, there really has not been any new people added to the mix-just old ones coming back around.

I took a chance a few weeks ago and put myself out there with Eric, the motorcycle shop owner. We had chatted a bit and talked about getting a drink, but it never happened. I was going to be out one night and asked him to meet me. He said okay and for me to text him when I was free from an obligation. By the time I texted, it was kind of late. He didn’t respond and did not show. The next day he said he had fallen asleep which I can see happening. He has since gone quiet again. I am kind of over it.

The next one resurfaced partially because of me. I was bored and got back on pof. Apparently since I recreated my account, it showed a guy that I dated last year that I looked at his profile. He hit me up almost instantly to say hey which was fine. It sounded like there was a chance he might want to go out again, but he has yet to ask. He randomly said hey yesterday. Taking that as a good sign. He is odd. I feel like I may need to put myself out there with him and try to initiate. However, I have no freaking clue how to start that.

Then, last Saturday night, my younger brother and I went downtown. He is 12 years younger and we do not look like we should ever be a couple, but for some reason people like to think he is my date when we go out. That being said, we went to a bar that I enjoy. As soon as we got close to the bar I remembered that I had chatted for a bit with one of the bouncers ages ago. Just my luck, he was working the door. Well, he didn’t seem to remember me and I was not gonna be that girl. I did not see him again. I did get a message from him the next day asking if I was on a date and saying that he would like to have relations with me. I told him that I was not interested in that kind of a relationship-love sex, but not with random people I do not know.

And, finally, following the bar downtown, we hit up my home bar. There, I saw the guy that ditched me on our one and only date. It was kinda funny. Either he didn’t recognize me or was hoping that I was not going to speak by pretending not to know me. There was nothing for me to say regardless. Hoping that it was a fluke and he won’t frequent my favorite bar often.

So, there you have it. April was at least interesting. Maybe once my school semester ends, I will actually put some effort into finding new people to add to the mix. For now, I will hope to hear from the one pof guy and see what happens next.


Bad Juju

Valentines Day. Woohoo. Not. Honestly, I could really care less about the day and I am feeling very blessed at the moment. I am a lucky girl and the last week has really reinforced that to me. That being said, I am single and my ridiculous love life still sucks. The last week has been pretty comical with that regard and last night was just the icing on the cake.

Life has gotten busy and with the limited number of decent guys I have been finding, I decided to take a break from looking for a bit. Frankly, I have enough going on that I don’t have a lot of time anyways. So I hid my profile on pof and deleted the Tinder which is crap anyways. I figure at this point, if it is gonna happen, it will happen.

So, as I said, I hid my profile on pof.  Apparently, that does not make you impossible to see because I had a couple of random messages early on in the week and one of the guys actually seemed nice.  He kinda weirded me out a bit, though, when he sent me a friend request on Facebook.  I am not hard to find, but was not expecting it.  Apparently he did not like what he saw because he went silent shortly thereafter and I noticed that he deleted me this morning.

The others on pof were a mixed bag. One could not carry on a conversation. There was one that seemed alright but that went silent when I refused to come see him late at night-sorry dude, not a booty call.  And there was one that I had spoken with before and was not interested in that thought I should go to coffee with him despite my saying multiple times that I am not interested.  POF is about to lose this girl for good, I mean really.

So that was my excitement during the workweek. I was happy to put it all behind me and was super excited for the weekend.  Last night was such a clusterfuck of crazy boys.

First, I was super excited for a night out when one of my good buddies said he would come out to my bar and do karaoke with me.  We always have a good time.  Friends forever. He is always a little quiet and odd, but that adds to his charm, or so I thought.  He was not terribly behaved, but he rubbed my leg a couple of times early on which I honestly thought was not intentional.  Then he asked about where my tattoo was and I said I could not show him since it is on my ribcage and that I would find a picture.  He made a comment about maybe seeing the real thing one day. Um, love you dude, but no.

There are a couple of regulars at the bar that I have had my eye on.  One that flirts quiet regularly and did so throughout the night.  I gave him my number sticking my neck way out there-go Ornery Dame! Dude got very weird afterwards and said that he was not the type I needed to date and things were just awkward.  I played it well, I think and said I thought he was nice and figured it was worth a try. Really not a big deal, but a head shaking experience nonetheless.

The other one that usually catches my eye was all about checking me out last weekend and made a comment about doing so.  Last night he came in with a girl I know which may or may not have been a date, I am not sure.  It was very weird.  Gonna let that one stew a bit.

Then, our buddy Matt made a friend with a guy at another bar and brought him over to hang out with us.  The guy seemed okay.  He was a little younger than I normally go for, but seemed to have a decent head on his shoulders.  We hit if off alright and at the end of the night I told him to look me up.  He invited me back to his place, but I declined.  Not really feeling the one night stands. Kinda doubt he will come back around, but maybe?

In general, the night had me shaking my head wondering wtf. Even today I am really wondering what kind of vibes I am putting out into the universe.  I have to be sporting some bad juju. Let’s recap my recent experiences: I get guys wanting sex, guys that are interested but do not want to actually ever go on a date, and guys that are “unimpressed.” Seriously? Staying single is looking better and better.




Keeping Sane in Chaos

Two posts in a night?! What is that Ornery Dame up to?

Life has been off the hook crazy over the last few weeks and our hectic schedule has got me thinking about my own sanity. It is time for me to make a few changes. Some have already been in the works, but others are new, and some are yet to come.

• I need to free my life of unnecessary drama. Some people make me crazy. Really, it is on me for letting them affect me so negatively, but if I remove myself from the situations, it eliminates some of the crazy. Prime example: I deleted Larry’s ex from my Facebook friends list and already feel better. I deleted people that air out a lot of their drama and I hid people that post political crap that drives me crazy.
• I have asked Larry to move out. We are just not able to blend our families successfully and I am miserable because of it. Things will only get worse the longer we wait; especially with Alvin wanting to live with his father.
• It is time to re-evaluate my spending. This girl has got to get back into a budget! First up, my cell phone bill is off the hook-shopping for new providers this weekend.
• Meal plan! It is amazing how much better I feel when I have a plan for what we will have for dinner daily. Preparing warm up breakfasts is an amazing time saver and keeps me from hearing kids complain about nothing to eat. And, finally, I need to keep lots of snacky things on hand for lunches and, well, snacks.
• Make time for studying! This semester, I am taking two classes. So far, I have worked out the following schedule: I get up early during the week to do my virtual gym class. I read on my lunch breaks and sit down to work out math problems after the kids climb in bed.
• Find ways to vent. Last week, I went out to sing karaoke with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Tonight, I went crazy cheering for our football team. Frankly, it was awesome.
• Blog more. This has been on my mind a while. It is time for some changes. It is time for more posts and more of the real me. Confession time: names have previously been changed to protect the innocent. I originally renamed many of the people in my life: my kids, my boyfriend, his kid, and our families. I am kind of over it. I will not be changing everyone; I prefer not to cause drama with Larry and the ex. But my family and my kids will be the real deal. Added bonus for a somewhat full disclosure; I can post more pics and let you all see more of my real life!

Now is a great time for some of the changes that need to take place. This three day weekend will allow me to catch up around the house, shop, organize, and next week will be a better one.


A Father’s Love

If you follow my blog, you know that I have a large, close family.  I am very proud of us-even if I do not always agree with the decisions of the other family members.  I attribute most of our awesomeness as a family to our mom.  She has always been the glue that keeps us together.  Our father, while he is in the picture, is not always the most warm and fuzzy, supportive parent.

I think of all of the siblings that I probably have the best relationship with our father.  I get him; he has worked for everything he has gotten.  He wanted us all to be able to do the same.  He expected us all to walk the straight and narrow.  If you stayed out of trouble and were low maintenance, the old man was happy.  Otherwise he rode you hard until you shaped up.  We each have a strong work ethic thanks to him and are each independent adults today, for the most part.

The poor old guy got more than he bargained for with his two daughters; we are both just as stubborn as he is.  I figured him out early.  I kept a low profile, worked through school, kept up my grades, and asked for very little.  My sister, while also being fairly low maintenance, has not always seen eye to eye with the old man.  While she has always wanted to make him proud, she also wanted to spread her wings and sow her oats.  Eventually, she moved out (a decision that was not ideal for my parents).

My sister has been on her own for about a year.  She lives with her boyfriend and their son.  She works and does her best to make ends meet with little to no support from the boyfriend.  Unfortunately, things have gotten very tight lately.  My sister let her car insurance lapse and her tags expire while she has been waiting for her tax return to arrive.  Her boyfriend received his return and bought a new four wheeler.

I was not aware of how bad things had gotten for my sister until earlier today when I ran into my mother at lunch.  She said that my father was saying my sister should move back home since she was struggling and not getting any help.  I was surprised that he was open to letting her return home.  He was part of the reason for her moving out initially as they were constantly butting heads.

What my father did next surprised me; he went to their insurance agent and paid her bill without her knowing.

Then, he ran into her boyfriend.  Or, her boyfriend ran into him.  It was shortly after my father paid the bill, so he was still fuming.  Her boyfriend, unaware, strolled over to say hello and got quite the talking to.  Our father is a man of few words, so when he speaks, you listen.  He told the boyfriend to man up and start helping.  He also told the sorry boy that he now owed my father $100.

I spoke with my sister earlier and she relayed the encounter that her boyfriend had with our father.  It was pretty awesome.  She was unaware of his desire for her to move home until I brought it up.  It upset her because she looks at is as a failure on her part; I hate that she became upset and that she looks at his comment that way because I am looking at it very  differently.

I love the fact that my dad was willing to step in without being asked.  He was trying not to make her feel bad, and to help her in his own way.    I like knowing that he is there if we need him, no matter how old we get.  I appreciate the fact that he was willing to bypass her altogether rather than hurt her pride.

Hopefully, things will improve for my sister soon.  At least now she knows that she is welcome back at home and has been reminded that the old man loves her.


Black and Blue

My office is fairly casual most days.  Honestly, it was a huge selling point when I accepted the job.  I love being able to throw on jeans and a top and head out the door when I am having a particularly rough day.  I still try to dress up a few days a week.

Today, we have someone from corporate coming and were instructed to wear professional casual.  Not a huge deal, really.  Most of us are not super casual during the week.

So far this morning, there are five guys in the office all wearing button down shirts.  All are white/blue; two are stripes, the rest are plaid.  If I could find a way to take a picture for you I would.

The women are all wearing black.  At least all that I can see without walking across the office to see what my Work Buddy has on; she snuck in on me without saying hello.

What am I wearing?  Black slacks and a yellow/black/white top.  I like bright colors.  I never thought a lot of it until the last time we had corporate in for a few days training; on the last day, the trainer mentioned the colors I selected.  I hadn’t given it a lot of thought again until this morning.

Apparently, I missed the memo on professional casual only being limited to black or blue.  I am going to stick out like a sore thumb when we all go to lunch.

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