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Bucket List: Strip Show

Last night, I was able to knock another item off my bucket list. The item: going to a strip club/show.

Honestly, I had forgotten that the item was on my bucket list until today. I was pleasantly surprised that I could knock it off; I mentioned that it was a bucket list item to my sister and she said it was on hers as well which I thought was cool.

So, I thought I would give you guys a bit of insight into my experience. I can say in somewhat certainty that I will not be attending another event like that again. Well, that might not be true, I should probably check out one more to really be able to compare, but we will see.

The event I attended last night was at a local bar. It was a place that I have never been, so I was excited 1. Go see the event and 2. Check out the bar.  I purchased the tickets online after seeing a Facebook post about the event. I was surprised that my mom and sister agreed to go and purchased the tickets quickly so they could not change their minds.

A few things that I learned prior to the event:

  1. Purchasing in advance is not the way to go; Groupon ran a deal on tickets weeks after I purchased ours.
  2. Scoping it out ahead of time a little would have gotten us closer seats, although I am not sure we would have wanted them.

When we got to the event, I was a little disappointed, the venue was much smaller than I expected. The show was also. Another thing I should have done was really look into the show. The group we saw had three strippers. Three. They were not that great. Two chocolate and one caramel. My mom mentioned it would be nice if they had more of a mix initially because two were younger. The third was older and not great either. All had good bodies, but ehhh otherwise. The older one needed a haircut, in my opinion. Of course, the rest of the ladies did not seem to mind any of this, so maybe it was just us.

So, fast forward a bit, and the event begins. Cheesiest music ever. Even cheesier choreography. My sister at one point turned around and asked, “Do they choreograph themselves? WTH?”

Then, they started bringing ladies up on stage. Some paid prior to the event to participate. Another learning moment: do not pay in advance. After the show started, they announced there would be more opportunities and that you could get on stage for $20. When that did not get a great response, they knocked it to $20 gets you and a friend on stage…. You know it is a classy show when you can get a $10 lap dance.

In all actuality, I did have fun. It was fun for me watching the people on stage act like fools. It was even more fun watching my mother who does not drink or get out often (my dad is unaware of where we were). I managed to get her to try a sip of my Angry Orchard which she did not like. I was also fortunate enough to witness my mother interact with a stripper…

The stripper might have been 25 which is the same age as my younger brother/sister. The gentleman had a very nice, smooth body and smile. He sauntered over to my mother and begins to gyrate on her lap. My sister was looking on in awe as I am laughing and trying to encourage my mother to play along. Her response, “I am old enough to be your mother. Shoo. Move along.” And she did the “shoo” hand motion. I almost cried laughing.

We stayed at the show for about two hours and I am fairly confident that those that remained had one heck of a night. I had fun, but think I would rather put the money that I put in the ticket to better use enjoying a concert or another activity next time.


3 Simple Words

I do not come from a very physically affectionate family. Hugs and kisses happened, but not like crazy. Now, there are times that I would not mind a hug, a kiss, or someone to tell me things are going to be okay. Being a grown up can be tough some days. But as such, I have come to appreciate what I have even more and I notice a lot more than I would otherwise.

I do have my own children that get hugs and kisses. They are teenagers now, so it is not as frequent, but they do not mind being all up on me and in my business. There is no lack of contact in my household-sometimes it is clawing, kicking, punching, licking, and whatnot, but there is definitely contact. Luckily, shortly after the negative, they will be doing each other’s hair or makeup, or be curled up in front of the tv laughing at a show together. They may hate me from time to time and each other even more often, but I know that they love me and, deep down, each other.

I have spent more time with my parents over the last few weeks. My dad is kind of old school, so there is not a lot of warm and fuzzies, hugs and kisses, etc. But he does show me that he is thinking about me, and my kids, through little random gifts and he always tells me that he loves me before I leave or we hang up the phone. I guess I appreciate that more since I know what it is like to not tell someone and they pass. Not totally sure that is not why he does it as well, but I love it regardless.

My sister and I have had a strained relationship over the last couple of months and I think we are finally on the mend. She told me she loved me at the end of our conversation last night. Made my night.

My brother said it at the end of our conversation yesterday, too.

I guess it might be a little silly and I might be PMSing. But I really do appreciate those three little words. Sometimes, they are the best thing that happens to me all day. Tell someone special how you feel today, it might make all the difference.


Losing it

I generally feel like I keep myself together despite the crazy that is my normal life. My house might not be immaculate and some might question my sanity, but, for the most part, I think I do okay. Well, some days.

This month has been a struggle. Especially mornings. It is harder and harder for me to get up and moving. This morning was no different. I woke up late, threw on clothes and was ready to head out the door.

Then, I remembered that I had forgotten to take my pills.  Back in the house I went.

Minutes later, I got on the road and a couple of miles into my commute remembered the errand that I have to run at lunch. It requires my checkbook which I do not normally carry. So, I turned around. Now, it is important to realize I was already ridiculously late before turning around, but the errand is that important.

I run back in my house and tear apart my desk which is covered in my kids’ papers and such that they have been bringing home over the last couple of weeks in preparation for the end of school, no checkbook. Panic sets in. I tear apart the side tables thinking maybe it is on one of them. Nothing. I take a big breath and try to retrace where I would have had it last. The school. I used it to pay for summer classes. I would have had it in the car.

I run back out to the car which I was in minutes before and find the stupid checkbook in my purse. Seriously.

At that point, I am beyond ridiculously late, irritated as hell, and I still have not had breakfast. I treated myself to Dunkin Donuts.

Funny thing about losing it. For some reason, whenever I feel like I have hit bottom and I am at my wits end, things start happening. I had a surprise in my inbox from one of my clients and have had a great morning at work. My oldest that is home today is being unusually kind to me via messaging. And my sister has started to slowly initiate contact again.

My favorite mantra these days is, “It is just a bad day, not a bad life.” Well, this morning, it was just a bad morning, but it is a pretty darn good day.



What was supposed to be a great weekend went to hell fast and has left me all out of sorts. Crazy how much someone can intentionally hurt another person. I hate being someone that takes things so personally. However, it is impossible not to when attacked in virtually every aspect of my life. Not cool. So, today, I am fuming.

I don’t need to go into all of the gory details of what happened. What’s done is done.  It is water under the bridge and, unfortunately, I seriously doubt that my relationship with the other person will ever be the same. But it has caused me to do some reflecting which I guess is a good thing. So here are a few things that I think need to be said. Maybe that person will see this, maybe not. It is therapeutic for me, regardless.

Eventually, we all have to grow up and take ownership for our own lives. We each make our own paths. We each have to live with the consequences of our decisions. That is life. The great thing about life is, it is what we make it.  Not happy in your own? Fix it. That is on you. Not the people around you.

Sometimes, we need to check our priorities. As grown-ups, we don’t always get what we want. Rent and utilities should be a priority. If you cannot pay your bills, cut out the extras. Smoking? An extra. Alcohol? An extra.

If we are not good to ourselves, who will be? This kind of goes back to priorities, but we know ourselves. Take care of yourself. Make sure that you are getting what you need. Take your meds, if you are depressed. Find ways to cope. Get counseling.

Remember who has had your back. I am very lucky to have a few people in the world that I know love me and are there when I need them. If you have people like that in your life, love them and treat them with respect. Don’t let a bad day ruin a good relationship.

And, there ya have it. Ornery Dame’s thoughts for the day. Obviously, I am all up in my feels. But, for what it is worth, as much as I hate that our relationship is probably ruined, I have realized just how lucky I really am. I hope that the other person gets their life on track and starts to appreciate what they have before it is too late.


The Bucket List

Last year after my break-up, I realized something. I put my life on hold in my last relationship. I did not want to share my aspirations with the guy ( never a good sign). I put things on hold until we were over.  Getting out of the relationship has been empowering. I am living the life I want now, working towards goals, and having a great time.  

I created my Bucket List last year. It is an ever changing list of random things I want to do.  A few things have already been done or are in process (italicized). I try to keep my list attainable and, for the most part, I believe it is. I am always looking for new ideas for things to add, so hit me up if you have anything that you think I should consider!

Bucket List

  1. Tattoo
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Willie Nelson
  4. Learn to play the banjo
  5. Bachelors Degree
  6. Zipline
  7. Parasail
  8. Whitewater rafting
  9. Go on a cruise
  10. Dance on a bar
  11. Attend a black tie event
  12. Pole dance
  13. Wear a bikini
  14. Las Vegas
  15. Have a wedding
  16. Have a wild bachelorette party
  17. Fall in love
  18. Ride a motorcycle
  19. Ride roller coasters
  20. 12 minute mile
  21. Elton John
  22. Boudoir photos
  23. Sister tattoos
  24. Attend a drag show
  25. Visit a strip club
  26. Sleep in a caboose
  27. Ride a mechanical bull
  28. Mexico
  29. Learn to bar tend
  30. Learn to drive a stick shift
  31. ???

Manic Monday

It has been a bit since I have blogged. I really just don’t have time for much of anything these days with work, school, kids, and all the other activities that we throw into the mix.

As I said before, I do not have a lot of time for anything these days. My schedule is crazy. I know this and try to prepare accordingly. Today I failed and I am suffering for it.

This morning started off on the wrong foot. I did not pack my food for the day so I rushed around throwing stuff into the bag. I threw our somewhat prepared meal into the crockpot without any seasoning because I intended to return to it and never went back. Then, I realized how late it had become. I had nothing to wear and had to iron pants. I went to dress and did not have a cami which was needed for the top I planned to wear-I ended up wearing a cami top that had been retired to pajama status because of a huge hole. Then, I could not find my shoes. It was not pretty.

I was late to my class and, despite my working on the speech I had to present all weekend, I bombed. It was not pretty. The teacher told me that I have to represent the same speech on Friday. Normally, I would be thankful for the chance to do better. But really, this time, I would like to take my grade and be happy. I guess he knows I could do better; I can. I just don’t care to. I have another speech to work on and a test in my other class. Not to mention a third class starting in two weeks. What the hell have I done to myself?!

Honestly, work has not been terrible so far. I had stressed myself out about something I screwed up last week, but took care of the issue with no problem. My meeting with the boss went okay. I started to think I was calming down and might survive the day.

That was a fleeting thought; my phone wrung. My sister called me in a tizzy. She quit her job and was flipping out. I calmed her down best I could and returned to my desk.

Then, I started getting texts from the teen. She got her first ever detention and was pissed. Apparently, she had her phone out in class. The teacher took it for the entire class (OMG) and gave her detention. She feels she was punished twice in his doing so. Not really sure what she wanted me to do about it, but she can suck it up.

I was really hoping after last week that this would be a much calmer week. Five hours into this day, I am losing that hope.


Pictures for Christmas

As I was putting dates on my calendar this week, I realized that I do not have a free Saturday until December 20th. Needless to say, no free Saturdays does not thrill me, especially with the holidays coming up. I decided that I need to get my rear into gear.

In addition to not having a ton of time on my side this year, I also do not have a lot of money. I have too large of a family to just go out and throw caution to the wind. I started debating on what to do and while my Christmas list is far from done, I think I have taken care of a good part of my family just this morning.

A few weeks ago something crazy happened, we were able to get most of our family together. As we have gotten older, it has become quite the chore to get us all in one place. Somehow, with one random family cookout at my house, everyone showed up. Needless to say, my mom was thrilled and we decided to take advantage of the moment. We took pictures.

We were able to take pictures with each of my sibling’s family units with only one nephew missing. We took pictures of all of the siblings together and with my parents and my siblings. No Olin Mill’s for us. Our casual attire backyard photos are as good as we get. I decided that these would be the perfect gifts for each family, my parents, and my grandmother.

Yesterday, on my lunch break, I ventured into Ross where I was able to find boxed frame sets to make a gallery-ten frames for $10! I picked up two, one for myself and one to separate for gifts. I will likely go back for another today to ensure I have enough to give everyone. I figure I will do their individual family and then one with our parents/siblings to each of my siblings. I will give my parents a large picture of them with their kids, and then do a collage frame or gallery for them of each of their kids with their family and maybe sprinkle in a few random cute pics I have of grandkids.

I, personally, love Shutterfly and downloaded the pics onto their site where I was able to designate which sizes I wanted for each photo. I found a coupon code allowing for 30 free 4×6 prints which knocked down the price a little. Bing, bang, boom! My siblings/their spouses have a gift and so do my parents and grandmother. I will likely do more, but I at least have a start towards Christmas and at a reasonable price. I will likely end up with $30 in frames and around $15 in pictures with that covering six gifts; I think $7 a gift is pretty darn awesome!

Now, if only I can get so lucky with my kids’ Christmas gifts….

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