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Incident At The Store

If you follow me on, which I hope you do, you probably saw my earlier posts regarding an incident that we witnessed while shopping in our local Dollar Tree this afternoon.  Normally, I am not a complainer.  However, this incident really upset both my child and I alike.  I thought about calling the store to talk to the Manager, but I am not sure that he/she was not present this afternoon.  I emailed this to their corporate office via their website instead….

This afternoon I took my daughter shopping in your store.  An altercation happened between two girls and your cashier which was on the clock.  I witnessed the entire incident; your employee was ambushed by the other two females that began beating on her.  It was broken up by another store employee and the two girls that caused the incident fled.

While I understand that the incident was not caused by your employee, although the incident was disturbing, it was what happened afterwards that really upset me.  Rather than going into the office to calm down or outside to wait for the police, your employee remained on the sales floor.  Obviously upset, she was screaming curse words about the girls, the incident, and other things that I and other shoppers did not need to hear.   There were numerous children in the store.

The entire incident was upsetting, but it only lasted two minutes maximum.  Your employee’s rant lasted much longer.  I was literally shaking as I paid for my merchandise.  My child, noticing that I was rushing to get out, asked if I was okay.  When I responded that I did not want her hearing that language, other customers in the line agreed.  My daughter did not stop talking about the incident all evening.

Frankly, I do not believe that your management handled the situation well at all.  Your employee should have been removed and, frankly, I believe she should be terminated for her behavior on the sales floor.

I will not be returning to this location with or without my child and I will be telling my friends and family about what happened.  No one should have to experience something like that.


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