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I’m Back!

I’m baaacckkkk!

I am a crappy blogger.  I own it.  Life gets in the way of my writing which is kind of silly since I write about my life.  But whatever, it happens.  So a lot has happened since I last wrote and I really need to do better with keeping up with this beast.  Frankly, my life is insane and I feel like someone might appreciate a good laugh at my expense from time to time, we could lean on one another for getting healthy, share tips/tricks for house stuff, makeup, and who knows what else.

So, looking back, it has been six months since I last wrote. SIX MONTHS!  Holy shit, my life is totally different now than it was then.  For real!  Since it is after my bedtime and I this is just an update post, I am going to keep it sorta short tonight.

10 Things That Have Changed Since My Last Blog Post

  1. My last relationship ended and he got out of my house
  2. I sold my camper
  3. I have lost 40 lbs (this was in process with the last post, but still)
  4. I got my Associates degree
  5. I started working towards my Bachelor’s degree
  6. I got a tattoo (I am becoming a badass)
  7. I colored my hair
  8. I tried online dating again and tried dating in general (be prepared for lots of crappy stories)
  9. I started participating in pinup contests
  10. I ripped up/reinstalled a kitchen floor with my bff

So, there is a quickie rundown on what has been happening.  Oh crap!  I forgot I have started pole dancing classes!  Okay, so 11 things….

Looking forward to starting this beast up again and hope that some of my old followers will tune back in and maybe I can make some new friends along the way.

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