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Hump Day Brain Dump

It’s Hump Day! I should be breathing a little easier knowing we are half way through the week, but I am stressing this week. Everything is fine, but I feel like I could easily end up having a fully warranted anxiety attack at any given time. Hoping a little brain dumping might set me straight.

It is just an off week. I actually thought this week might be a little easier, but that was a fleeting thought. I started out the week with a sick kiddo. She had struggled for a week before I finally broke down and took her to the doctor because I knew if I took her last week they would not prescribe anything.  So we let her develop a sinus/upper respiratory infection. Working from home is great in theory, but it throws me off and I am never as productive as I am if I am actually working in the office. Today, the other felt sickly, but she went on to school to avoid extra homework.

Work is slowly killing me. People need to just act like I want. People are just bad this week. I am generally pretty easy to get along with but I do have my lines. To the guy that emailed me saying, “I am not trying to argue, but…” Dude, you were trying to argue with the wrong redhead. Nobody’s got time for that. I have had deals falling apart and new clients pestering the heck out of me. It has just been one thing after another.

I was actually a little ahead going into this week on school stuff, but it has since gone out the window. I have got to work on my group research paper and it is stressing me out. That is, of course, on top of my normal course load. I am thinking that I will have to lock myself away every spare minute I have for the remainder of the week.

Spare minutes. Ha! We are officially winding down the school year which means that it is concert season. Normally, I love concert season but not so much this week. Concerts are scheduled for Thursday and Sunday this week. Not that it matters at the moment, but we still have a dance recital and another concert in May.  I have a mental block against Thursday’s concert and keep thinking that will be my night to do school work.  Because of that, I actually committed to doing stuff Friday and Saturday. Friday is not a huge deal to me, but may be to my older daughter. We will see if I can get out of that mess. Saturday is a pinup event and while I would normally skip, I am unable to attend any of their other events this month and feel a bit of obligation to the group. Anddd, I think I have a date on Sunday-new guy. Not holding my breath, but we will see.

Funny how my brain dumping makes me feel a little better, but I do feel like I have a bit of clarity with regards to what I need to be doing. Once I finish this blog, I will resume working and try to make some magic happen. I can work on my paper tonight and try to wrap that up this evening and after the concert tomorrow night. Friday and Saturday evening, I can knock out my normal school stuff-fingers crossed! Heck, if I really push, I might even get some Spike’s time in Saturday night because Lord knows I could use a drink or ten! Maybe, by Sunday I will be cool, calm and collected and able to enjoy the concert and a drink with the new guy.


Keeping Some Sanity

Time management is something that I struggle with. I like to do it all. Everything. I struggle to say no and consistently over extend myself. What can I say? I am a single mom, the oldest child, and a Capricorn. It is in my genes.

All that being said, I do get overwhelmed. Generally, I manage. Honestly, I do pretty well. But, every few months, I struggle.  Usually because of school deadlines and random things that get thrown into the mix. I have managed to find a few quick ways to get some extra stuff done and figured I would share because it helps me to feel like I have my act together-at least a little bit.

  1. I have enlisted help. Crazy, I know. But I figured out that my kids are actually pretty good at making dinner. I plan a menu, defrost, sit out what I can, and the kids do the rest. It keeps me from eating out which means we are eating healthier and saving money.
  2. Wireless hot spot. I did not realize I had this feature on my plan until recently and it is AWESOME. I take my laptop everywhere now. If I am waiting on a kid in dance class, I can better use the time and get stuff done for school.
  3. I have used them a good bit over the last year. But free wifi and generally clean table tops rock. It is even better when there are no creepers in the restaurant. I was not so lucky today, but whatever. I was able to knock out a discussion post on my lunch break.
  4. I plan my days. I know it sounds simple, but I left this morning looking like a bag lady. I had a lunch bag, my computer bag, my book bag, work bag, and gym bag. I think I am ready for whatever gets thrown my way. Nothing screws me up like forgetting something and having to backtrack.
  5. I make time to decompress. For the most part, I plan some me time into each day. I look forward to the gym. Luckily, my kids do not so it is a kid free hour for me! I am either alone or with a friend, but my friends are okay with my tuning them out for 20, 40, or even a full hour and just getting whatever is on me out on a machine. I never thought I would be one of those girls, but it works.

So, nothing earth shattering, but a few simple things that make all the difference between my staying on the outside or ending up in a padded room. This week, I am using all the above listed methods (it is midterm week). So far, so good. Knock on wood.


Older and Wiser

I am a people person. Always have been. Always will be. My grandmother told me when I was little I would run up to strangers on the playground and ask them to be my friend. I would be heartbroken if I was turned down.

Fast forward thirty plus years. I am still human and care a bit. I used to be so worried about being liked and/or loved-this is probably a good part of the reason for my track record with losers. The great thing about getting older is you get, if you are lucky, wiser in the process. I got lucky and figured out a few things.

After taking a hard look at my life over the last few months, I have come to the point that I am not forcing things. If you like me, awesome. If not, well, I cannot help your poor taste. I have quit the dating sites; I don’t really have time to fool with the mess that brings into my life and figure that a relationship will happen when it is supposed to. I am really over sweating it. I don’t really care if my coworkers like me enough to invite me to outings. And I figure that friends will make time for me if I am important. If their life is crazy, so be it. I am here when they have time.

I have great people in my life that love me and I love them. Rather than worrying about others that may come and go, I am going to focus on the great people I have and enjoy my life. Putting things into perspective has really helped me to be happier with what I have. I am a very lucky girl.