Bucket List: Strip Show

Last night, I was able to knock another item off my bucket list. The item: going to a strip club/show.

Honestly, I had forgotten that the item was on my bucket list until today. I was pleasantly surprised that I could knock it off; I mentioned that it was a bucket list item to my sister and she said it was on hers as well which I thought was cool.

So, I thought I would give you guys a bit of insight into my experience. I can say in somewhat certainty that I will not be attending another event like that again. Well, that might not be true, I should probably check out one more to really be able to compare, but we will see.

The event I attended last night was at a local bar. It was a place that I have never been, so I was excited 1. Go see the event and 2. Check out the bar.  I purchased the tickets online after seeing a Facebook post about the event. I was surprised that my mom and sister agreed to go and purchased the tickets quickly so they could not change their minds.

A few things that I learned prior to the event:

  1. Purchasing in advance is not the way to go; Groupon ran a deal on tickets weeks after I purchased ours.
  2. Scoping it out ahead of time a little would have gotten us closer seats, although I am not sure we would have wanted them.

When we got to the event, I was a little disappointed, the venue was much smaller than I expected. The show was also. Another thing I should have done was really look into the show. The group we saw had three strippers. Three. They were not that great. Two chocolate and one caramel. My mom mentioned it would be nice if they had more of a mix initially because two were younger. The third was older and not great either. All had good bodies, but ehhh otherwise. The older one needed a haircut, in my opinion. Of course, the rest of the ladies did not seem to mind any of this, so maybe it was just us.

So, fast forward a bit, and the event begins. Cheesiest music ever. Even cheesier choreography. My sister at one point turned around and asked, “Do they choreograph themselves? WTH?”

Then, they started bringing ladies up on stage. Some paid prior to the event to participate. Another learning moment: do not pay in advance. After the show started, they announced there would be more opportunities and that you could get on stage for $20. When that did not get a great response, they knocked it to $20 gets you and a friend on stage…. You know it is a classy show when you can get a $10 lap dance.

In all actuality, I did have fun. It was fun for me watching the people on stage act like fools. It was even more fun watching my mother who does not drink or get out often (my dad is unaware of where we were). I managed to get her to try a sip of my Angry Orchard which she did not like. I was also fortunate enough to witness my mother interact with a stripper…

The stripper might have been 25 which is the same age as my younger brother/sister. The gentleman had a very nice, smooth body and smile. He sauntered over to my mother and begins to gyrate on her lap. My sister was looking on in awe as I am laughing and trying to encourage my mother to play along. Her response, “I am old enough to be your mother. Shoo. Move along.” And she did the “shoo” hand motion. I almost cried laughing.

We stayed at the show for about two hours and I am fairly confident that those that remained had one heck of a night. I had fun, but think I would rather put the money that I put in the ticket to better use enjoying a concert or another activity next time.


3 Responses to “Bucket List: Strip Show”

  1. 1 SDC
    July 7, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    I’m cracking up at this…as someone who’s visited a total of 3 clubs in my life and really only went cause there was good food there! 😂😂😂 It’s just too uh…insincere? Lol. Though always a good source of comedy…

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